Time is so fast!

1 and a half more weeks to go will be living soon to a one beautiful place which I never dream to go in my entire life. I just happen to take this opportunity because of my Sis & Brod in-law. Thanks to them!...I just can't imagen what life awaits for me their aside from helping my Sis in household chores. Hope I can get 1 part time job!..Honestly, I feel scared in the sense that it is too far from my country were I grew up and build up my dreams. I feel Happy in the sense that I was given a chance to take this opportunity. I feel sad 'cause I have left someone who definitely hold the key of my HEART. But I guess, all this feelings is just part of life. One important thing that I value most more than me is that the Pregnancy of my Sis. I can never afford to let anyone hurt her. Though I give up everything, I didn't hesitate to do it! "cause I believe somehow along my way, I could find a better job and a better life.

Wish us luck!...thats all for now!...Pleasant day everyone!...c",)

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3:21 AM

Good luck!