Flag Day Brings Mixed Feelings in Haiti

In the wake of growing discontent with crushing poverty exacerbated by the Jan. 12 earthquake, Haitian President Rene Preval tried to deflect criticism of his government's reaction to the crisis as he paid his annual visit to Arcahaie to commemorate Flag Day, the country's second-most-sacred holiday.

Preval, who has been elected and re-elected, is scheduled to step down when his current terms ends on Feb. 7, 2011. However, he has recently said that he would continue serving as the country's leader if the presidential election scheduled for November doesn't take place. In a speech recently, Preval said he would be willing to remain as president for up to three months. Protests against Preval's handling of the post-quake crisis have increased in recent days, with many people calling for his ouster and for the return of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, now in exile.

The situation is further complicated because at the moment, only one-third of Parliament has been elected. The election planned for February was canceled in the wake of the massive earthquake, which killed tens of thousands and left homeless many more. So the other two-thirds of Parliament need to be elected and seated, and then a new president needs to be elected. Both of those tasks are taxing for governments in "normal" years; getting them both done in the wake of rebuilding of government buildings and databases might prove extremely difficult.

Flag Day marks the day in 1803 when the revolutionary congress made their country's new flag, by removing the white part of the French red-white-blue tricolor that so symbolized the European country's domination of the Caribbean island (and enslavement of its people) for so many years. Flag Day, May 18, is also two days before the birthday of Toussaint L‚'Ouverture, the man who led the revolution.

Flag Day is traditionally a day of revelry, and many Haitians were certainly making the most of an opportunity to forget, even for a day, how much worse their lives got on January 12. By: socialstudiesforkids.com

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Girl, 16, Sails Around World

She doesn't consider herself a hero, but Jessica Watson can certainly be considered a role model for young girls looking to aspire to something big. Watson returned to her home in Sydney during the weekend, after becoming the youngest person to sail nonstop, unassisted around the world. The Australian 16-year-old did it all by herself, on her 40-foot pink yacht, Ella's Pink Lady.

All kinds of Australian officials were on hand, including Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister, and Kristina Keneally, the Premier of New South Wales (Jessica's home state). A flotilla of small craft escorted Ella's Pink Lady into Sydney Harbor, and Jessica took her first steps on land in 210 days, wobbling a bit as she waved to the large crowd of thousands gathered around the Sydney Opera House to welcome her home.

She began the odyssey on October 12, 2009, by sailing northeast from Sydney, through the South Pacific and across the equator. She traveled south to Cape Horn, around the tip of South America, and across the Atlantic Ocean so South Africa, powering through the Indian Ocean and then around southern Australia back to Sydney. Along the way, she kept her family, friends, and the rest of the world up-to-date by writing a blog. Among her favorite topics was her friendship with a small brown bird, which arrived on the yacht one day and stayed for several more before departing for another destination.
She also made use of ultra-modern technology, including a satellite phone and the Voice over Internet application Skype (the video version). More evidence of the modern age could be found in a video that she shot herself of her dumping a symbolic bucket of saltwater over her head as she crossed the Equator.

A few people had voiced opposition to Jessica's sailing by herself around the world. But her parents, especially her mother, Julie, insisted throughout the journey that Jessica, who had been sailing since she was 8, was prepared enough and supported enough from afar. Jessica herself made clear in her post-arrival remarks that she wanted her story to be a message to young girls that expectations don't always equal results. She said she was used to having people doubt her abilities, especially because she was a girl.

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Safety Trainings as an HSE

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