The Benefits of Team Sports

The stereotype of the cutthroat, pushy Little League coach is all too familiar to most people. Why, some parents ask, should I subject my child to competitive team sports if that’s how it goes?

For one thing, the news. Today’s generation of children is fighting the worst obesity epidemic in history. Giving kids an excuse to exercise is reason enough to consider team sports. But calories aside, team sports have other benefits to kids—social, emotional and physical ones.

Here are some things that team sports teach that go well beyond scoring, batting, shooting and winning.

Ego Checks

Any parent knows that a child can be extremely egocentric. But that “my way or the highway” attitude will have to stay in check on a team sport. When a kid sees that everyone gets to play, they hopefully start to think about the group as a whole, and not just themselves. Even better, they learn to be happy for other player’s successes because they see how it benefits the team.

Positive Mentors

A dedicated, thoughtful and skilled coach can have an amazing impact on children. In fact, sometimes your child will respond better to an objective coach than he will to his own parent. When kids have early, positive experiences with coaches, they continue to seek out and learn from mentors who can help them with school, jobs and other interests.

The Three P's

Just as they must practice spelling, math and any other skill, kids need to learn that being part of a sports team requires the three P's … practice, patience and persistence. Whether it’s showing up to practice when you’d rather be home with Legos, waiting your turn on the sidelines, or doing the same drill over and over again, the three P's of team sports translate into important life lessons.

Another Reason for Family Time

Playing catch in the yard, heading down to the local soccer field for some drills … these types of outings with your kids can mean a great deal in our busy parenting culture. While the official reason may be practicing for the team, an even greater benefit is the time you get to spend together. Sometimes, in between dribbling and lay-ups, an important truth is revealed or an opportunity presents itself to teach a value.

Did we also mention that by practicing drills with your child and running up and down the sidelines to cheer them on, you might get into better shape, too? Score one for the family team!

By: Lucy Rector Filppu -

Polarization Instruments Info!

Geosciences continues to be a growing field. With more governments and populations looking to be
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On the imaging side of the company, sells both a 2D and 3D version of their EarthImager product. Both available for Windows systems, EarthImager provides real-time visuals in less than one minute. The 2D and 3D versions of the product display inversion of surface and borehole resistivity while also providing IP data, terrain correction, and CRP. The EarthImager allows for printing of images and comes in a demo mode for further examination.

In addition to the products mentioned, offers a catalog of resistivity software, manual cable sets, electrodes, and spare parts for the MiniSting and Sting R1. Products cannot be purchased on line. Instead, customers need to contact the company at the phone numbers provided at the top of the website for additional information. International customers can contact's headquarters in Madrid. The company does accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express for purchases. More information on the company and what they offer is obtained from either a downloadable brochure or sending a query via the websites Information Request link.

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