Dream Culinary Class...

Everyone can cook! Wherever you came from or whatever race you are as long as you have the passion to cook and let your cooked foods be your guiding light to inspire others. This is what I believed if we talk about cooking at its best. Ops! I'm not chef! I'm not even a cook at a small resto. I'm a cook by passion and by heart. I use to love looking when I reached age 13. Everytime my Mom and Granny cook I use to be with them. I watch every single recipe they use to prepare and how they cooked it. I keep asking several questions. Like, what type of food to cook? What re the receipe? How many minutes I have boil? Questions which leads me to knowing. I could still remember the first time I cook was a combination of sardines, egg and some recipes. It was a filipino food.

At first I was afraid to do so 'cause my Dad will be angry with me if I fail. He was watching me to cook and keep explaining what to do next. Thanks God he do have patience to guide me 'til I finished as my Mom was not there that time and I was the only elder Son who was left at home as my older sis and bro are in school. With me and my Dad was my younger bro and sissy. So I don't have a choice but to cook for us though my Dad can do so but I was afraid if I'll ask him to cook for us. So, instead of asking him to cook I ask him what to prepare and I'll be the one to cook. Well, all in all it turns out well..

I am 26 now. For the previous years of my life, there's one dream I want to pursue and that is attending private cooking class. Though by now, I learned several recipes to cook but not yet satisfied. My Thanks to my Mom and Granny who was my mentor in cooking and was always there to guide me. As well as to my Dad to in one way give me strength to believed on my self.

Actually, back then I was thinking about attending a
cooking classes Los Angeles but due to financial thing and my parents could not afford to sent me there so I ended up taking some other course whcih is still great and challenging. But my passion on cooking is still in my heart. My dream of culinary classes is still so fresh in my mind. I just simply love cooking. By heart and mind, I still want to pursue this passion in right time and in right place.

So, probably as for now I just have to fucos and save for my
cooking classes LA soon. I know someday I can achieved that plan. There's one saying state that, " never stop dreaming and keep believing on yourself that you can simply make a difference"... With that in mind, life is always challenging. Thanks to my family, friends and loved-one who keep supporting all the way up!

Taking Outdoor Education Up a Notch

Kindergarten outside? For more than recess? Yes, indeed. It's part of a growing worldwide trend toward outdoor education. The schools are called Forest Kindergartens.

The numbers are small so far in the U.S., but the idea is well established in Europe, with schools in Scotland, England, and Switzerland. By far the most such schools are in Germany, which has more than 400 Waldkindergartens.

Some schools feature several hours of outdoor schooling. This is certainly the case with the Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs. Children attending that particular school enjoy a good amount of outdoor education each day, rain or shine. They know to come with layers of clothing because they know that they will be venturing out on the nearby Hemlock Trail to learn more about the natural world around them. Some lessons are focused on nature; others are academic topics delivered in a natural setting. In all cases, students are active — not sitting at desks or on mats on the floor but walking, running, jumping, solving problems like how to get the mud off the bottoms of their shoes before their parents find out.

Seriously, the focus is on activity at these schools. Even lessons on words and numbers involve the children's being active because the teacher leads the class to an outdoor "classroom." All of this activity just has to be good for the children's physical systems as well, and studies have supported just that conclusion over the years (including the fact that children's immune systems actually get stronger after all of the outdoor activity). Other studies have shown that graduates of Waldkindergartens show a higher ability to learn when they progress through their academic careers.

Other schools are all outdoors, al the time. This is the case with the Cedar Song Nature School, on Vashon Island, Wash. Students at this school come dressed for the weather, all right, but they spend their whole three-hour day outdoors, in a private five-acre forest, doing all manner of physical activities but also learning much more than "just what nature has to offer."

The school, begun in 2008, runs four days a week. Organizers, one of whom traded in her law practice to help start the school, hope to expand the schoolweek to five days soon.

At these forest kindergartens, students learn science by observing and doing it, learn math by applying it to the natural world around them, learn letters and words by putting them together using sights and sounds. The children learn to make comparisons using mundane things like pine cones and rocks. (Which pine cone is the largest? Which rock is the shiniest?) They develop an appreciation for animals and plants in their natural environment — not just by looking at pictures in a book or on a computer screen.

Some of the science activities involve teamwork (like demonstrating the best way to move a heavy object (showing how a lever works, anyone?). In other sessions, teachers encourage students to develop their motor skills by building wooden tools such as hammers and cutlery.

These students also learn how to get along with one another, individually and in a group. They also develop healthy levels of self-confidence, just from being able to do the everyday activities that the school offers.

In a time when so many children are being classified as obese because of their obsession with sedentary activities like watching television and playing videogames, these outdoor schools serve as a reminder that before the advent of the "screen mentality," children learned just as much, if not more, from opening their eyes to the (nonvirtual) world around them. By: socialstudiesforkids.com

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The Story of Passover...

Passover is one of the major holidays in the Jewish tradition. It is observed beginning on the 15th day of Nissan. The festival lasts for a solid week. (On the Western Calendar for 2009, this is from sunset on April 8 to nightfall on April 16.)

It is also known by the name Pesach, which comes from the Hebrew word Peh-Samech-Chet, which means "to pass over" or "to spare." This describes the origins of the holiday.

When the ancient Jews were in captivity in Egypt, Yahweh visited a series of plagues on the Egyptians in order to convince the Pharaoh to release the Jews. The last of these plagues was the killing of every firstborn son in the land. Jews were warned ahead of time and marked their houses so that they would be spared. The angels of death saw the markings over the front doors of the Jew's houses and "passed over" those houses, sparing the firstborn sons living within. Jewish people have commemorated this with the festival of Passover ever since.

One thing that many Jewish people definitely try to avoid during Passover is leavening, which is used to make bread rise. The Jews who were fleeing Egypt were in so much of a hurry that they didn't wait for their bread to rise before they took it with them. And then they were very hungry and so ate the "unleavened," or unrisen, bread. The modern Passover commemorates this by featuring a meal that contains unleavened bread.

The name of this unleavened bread is Matzah. It is made from flour and water and cooked very quickly. The name of the special Passover meal is the Seder. The word seder comes from a Hebrew root that means "order." During the seder, everything must be done in a specific order. The traditional seder includes as many as 15 things to do. Traditional music is often played as well. By: socialstudiesforkids.com

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Illinois Cuts Writing Exams for Most Students

The Illinois State Board of Education has written out of schools' yearly requirements one of what many people believe is a fundamental skill: the writing exam. As a consequence, requests by teachers for training in writing instruction have fallen off.

Students in 11th grade will still take a writing text, but gone will be the same requirement in grades 3, 5, 6, and 8. The state Board of Education announced that the elimination of a writing exam at those four grade levels would save $3.5 million, at a time when cuts are already being made across the board. A similar move resulted in the same eliminations in 2004, but Board officials reinstated the writing exams two years later after fierce opposition to the cancellations.

The writing exam is not part of the program required by federal education law — that extends only to reading and mathematics. Scores on writing exams have also plummeted in recent years, a point exemplified by this result: only 54 percent of 5th-graders passed the writing test last year. Students in all five grade levels scored higher on reading and math than they did on writing. Complaints from school officials including the longer time needed to grade the writing exams and a perceived inconsistency in grading standards. (Multiple choice tests, by comparison, can be graded my machines and present a very clear picture of how many questions students got either correct or incorrect.)

Illinois is one of the few states to take this action. Even in the current dismal economic climate, the vast majority of other states have maintained their writing exams — if they have them. Federal funding doesn't cover writing exams, so some states don't have them. By: socialstudiesforkids.com

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Hegira: The Beginning of the Islamic Year

July 16 is the traditional Western marking of the beginning of the hegira. The hegira is the beginning of the Muslim calendar. It is also the immigration of Muhammad to Medina from Mecca in 622.

Muhammad was 25 when he married Khadija and gained a good amount of money in Mecca. He was also well respected within the Meccan religious community. For 15 years, this did not change.

But when he was 40, Muhammad heard the word of God while on a retreat in the hills outside Mecca. The angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad and told him that he was God's chosen messenger. Further, Muhammad received his first revelation from God.

When Muhammad told Khadij, his wife, what he had learned, she converted to Islam. Muhammad received revelations again and again, and he began to preach the new religion. The first audiences were his family and friends. Then, he started speaking in public.

At first, Muhammad was largely ignored. But as his following and respect grew, the religious leaders in Mecca tried to discourage Muhammad from preaching this new religion. The threat of violence led Muhammad to flee Mecca.

While his faith and following were growing, word was spreading of this new religion and its prophet. Tribes of people living in the city of Yathrib, about 200 miles north of Mecca, invited Muhammad to live with them.

It must have been difficult for Muhammad to leave his home, but leave he did. He fled from Mecca in the middle of the night. It was the hegira. The year was 622.

The name of the city of Yathrib was changed to Medina, "the city of the prophet." Muhammad's following grew ever larger. Word of his popularity reached Mecca and elsewhere in the Arabian Peninsula. Many people embraced the new religion; many others did not. Fighting broke out.

The fighting lasted for several years, until 630, when the forces of Muhammad and Medina defeated the forces of Mecca. The message and mission of Islam now spread more quickly than ever.

Muhammad died in 632, but not before the whole of the Arabian Peninsula was united in devotion to Islam.

What began as a desperate dash to freedom in the middle of the night had become a powerful religious movement that would soon claim followers around the globe.By: socialstudiesforkids.com

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A while back this week, my current rented flat is looking for a reliable plumbers as they are about the renovate the building which includes the service of the plumbers for every flats. Actually, the owner of the building is my one of my close friend her in Abu Dhabi. She was actually a filipina who happend to get married a local guy (emirate) and was able to raise a business in this country which includes the villa and flat rental, bakery, laundry shop, photos shop and a retail company for men and womens dress. We actually didn't meet before and I don't even know her until such time I decided to transfer in the said building I'm currently living were the owner is her. At first, I thought she was strict and a local woman 'cause she's actually wearing a local dress already as it was the law of the said country. That women who got to marry a local guy should abide and follow the customes, practices, traditions and religion on the guy. So, at first meet I was really surprised that she's talking "tagalog" laguage. I thought she just knew our national language but on the later part of the conversation she admitted that she was a filipina and finally I got to see a glimpse of her face. Oh! Yes, 'cause during the meeting her face is also covered with black silk.

From then on, when she used to visit the flat she use to pass by to my room and ask something if anything we need. She was really supportive to her borders and she provides everything we need. In fact, there was one time we really need a plumber to fixed the issues we had at the flat. Good thing was she provided it to us the folllowing day. But recently, as they were about to renovate the building she was asking if I know somebody who can help her fixed all the plumming issues in the said building 'cause the guy he send it to us before was gone already. I mean, he go for vacation in India.

During the conversation, I the only thing I told here is to try the plumbers in San Diego though I know it might cost her a little bet expensive as she needs to take the service from abroad but I explain it to here that its better to be sure than taking somebody who just pretend that they know how to do the job will in fact they couldn't. Aside from that, I also recommended her to try the carpet cleaners in San Diego 'cause their service is absolutely excellent as far as thei customers is concern. Probably, in the coming weeks this building I'm currently living will be under-constructions but we are not advice to leave the place as they only need to renovate the building by room.

Spain Makes Bid for Octopus Oracle

Call him Pablo?

The octopus Paul, which has shot to worldwide fame for apparently correctly picking the winner of several games in the 2010 soccer World Cup, is now the target of a takeover campaign by the Madrid Zoo.

Spain benefited from Paul's efforts, after the octopus chose Spain not only to defeat Germany in the semifinals but also to defeat the Netherlands in the final (the first-ever World Cup championship for Spain). In all, Paul "picked" winners in eight games in the 2010 World Cup. He was right every time.

Paul's current owner, the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, has refused other offers to buy the octopus and had no immediate comment on the offer from the Spanish zoo, even though the offer included an animal exchange in addition to what is thought to be a large amount of money.

Paul shot to fame during the Euro in 2008, when he correctly "picked" the winner of four of Germany's five matches. Then this year, Paul went 8-for-8, correctly "picking" the winner in all seven of Germany's matches and in the final.

How did he do it? Workers at the aquarium devised a system that involved lowering into Paul's tank two plastic containers of food, each one decorated with the flags of the two countries contesting the soccer match. Observers interpreted Paul's initial opening of a food container as his pick for the upcoming soccer match. By: socialstudiesforkids.com

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Whale Hunting to Continue in Antarctic Sanctuary

An international effort to broker new whaling regulations has collapsed, leaving in place loopholes for whalers to harvest some 1,500 whales a year—including whales in an Antarctic sanctuary.

Contentious discussions at the International Whaling Commission annual meeting this week in Agadir, Morocco, focused on proposals that would have allowed limited commercial whaling to resume at low levels—but under tight IWC regulation and quotas that may have reduced current kill levels.

"Ultimately after a three-year process and intense negotiations of very polarized positions, things broke down," said Howard Rosenbaum, director of the Ocean Giants Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society, a New York-based nonprofit.

"And now the way forward isn't entirely clear. In the meantime, it seems like the situation will remain as the status quo," said Rosenbaum, who is also a member of the IWC scientific committee.

That means the three whaling countries—Japan, Iceland, and Norway—will continue to pursue scientific and other unregulated whaling.

Those countries have killed more than 30,000 whales since a 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling.

Sanctuary No More?

The Southern Ocean Sanctuary was apparently a major sticking point that helped to sink compromise efforts during this week's meeting.

In 1994 the IWC designated the Southern Ocean Sanctuary—19 million square miles (50 million square kilometers) of waters surrounding Antarctica—as a critical space safe from commercial whaling. Most of the world's whales feed in these waters.

But the Japanese dispute the legality of the sanctuary and regularly kill many whales in these waters, a practice that prompted pending action brought by Australia to the International Court of Justice.

Whalers had hoped to retain some access to the sanctuary, but for some conservationists the idea was a deal-breaker.

"We know that when we've allowed whales to recover in places where they haven't been hunted, the sanctuaries have been effective in helping to ensure the recovery of whale populations," Rosenbaum said.

"That's why there's a desire to really make the sanctuary effective, so that whales can be free from whaling on their key feeding grounds, [such as the Southern Ocean Sancturary], as well as in other important habitats such as important breeding grounds."

Japan Faces Anti-Whaling Sentiment

Japan takes the lion's share of whales for scientific research, though in reality many of those whales may end up on dinner tables, rather than in laboratories.

For instance, in 2009, Oregon State University researchers found that meat in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant came from a whale that most likely was killed for Japanese "scientific" whaling.

Japanese whalers have argued that populations can sustain catches of current levels and that science does not support the need for an outright whaling ban.

Many Japanese also feel anti-whaling sentiment is rooted in cultural bias against Japan, according to the Associated Press.

Shigeko Misaki, a former spokesperson for the Japan Whaling Association, said in 2008 that the anti-whaling campaign has gone too far.

"It has almost become a religion, that whales are the only symbol of the marine ecosystem," she said. "People who believe this religion think all Japanese people are evil, because we kill whales." By: Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News

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