Current Job Promotion I got!

To start off, what do HSEQ mean? Well, HSEQ literally means “H stand for “HEALTH”, “S” stands for “SAFETY”, “E” stands for “Environment”, “Q” stands for “QUALITY”. Join me as I discover the amazing world of HSEQ life. HSEQ Coordinator was recently assign to my by the General Manager of the said company I am working now. For almost 8 months Justify Fullof patients and hard work as a Junior Operator in Wireline I now have a new job description. I can still remember way back 3 months ago I beg our Senior Operation Manager to transfer me to administrative work. But the time was not good to me ’cause he declined my intention. Fast forward to last week of April this year my immediate Base Manager was helping me out to transfer to the office. This time its now my chance ’cause he allows me to accept the job. Just two days back, I got a prompt information from our General Managers that he wants to talk me. I feel nervous that time ’cause I don't know why he needs to talk to me. I got a lot in my mind, maybe I did something wrong to the LPO’s I did or some other thing pertaining to the task I handle. The final minute arrived and was already in his office to discuss the concerns he have for me. Only then I’ve found out that he was appointing me to handle the “HSEQ Coordinator” position. To my credit, I was really amazed ’cause I never expect that I got the job and this will definitely help to arm me in my career success. Hopefully in the coming days and months I’ll be able to surpassed his expectations on me more than he expect to be.

Be as it may, what was actually HSEQ? How important it is in every companies. Basically, as I said above it deals on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. This basically tackles the entire safety of the in-house employees and customers. Its an ethics were every employee is obliged to follow in order to avoid serious problems at work or even at home. Its a security measures provided to all the involved people in order to rectify serious happenings that might lead to loss of life. Aside from that, promoting sustainable development for the company at large and identify and regularly assess risks while taking the necessary steps to offset and manage these risks with regard to ensuring the health and safety of individuals, industrial activities and preventing major risks, protecting the environment and promoting biodiversity, quality of services provided to customers.

So, wish me luck everyone for this challenged I got! I don’t have any experience to this field but I see my self that I can do better than those people who can. Besides, I want this job and I love this job.

Real estate investment...

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Leave it for others...

There was this family of nine children. The father was the only earning member. Mother had to see that the meager resources were used in a way that none of her children starved or ended up deprived.

But that's not the high point of this story because families like this are not uncommon. Also not uncommon are the tales of struggle, perseverance, hard days and hungry nights. What's common is that we have all heard of such families and having heard, have also conveniently forgotten about them. But ask those who have grown up in such families and they'll tell you the most important rule they observed - leave something for the others too.

If it was meal time, those who were back home hungry soon. They deserved to eat their share, did they not? Every day, in every way, each individual in such a family used the resources keeping in mind the needs of others. And that was the only way to live because if you want to enjoy the same thing tomorrow, you need to ensure that you don't use up all of it today.

Loan Modification firm

Before I go deeper on the the subject I want to discuss let me ask you guys some important questions that I want you to think too. What was actually the bases in considering a loan? How often people used to adopt this process? What are the benefits we can get if we opt to secure a personal loan from a well-known Loan Modification Company? Do we need to be subjective if we reach to a point that we really need to secure a loan? Basically, those questions I have mention here is definitely crucial in considering a loan modification.

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