Wordless Wednesday!...

I almost forgot to post my Wordless Wednesday entry!...Pheew... I'm a bet quite busy since, I'll be leaving Tokyo, Japan already by tomorrow morning. So, hope you guys will wish me a happy, safe and sound flight back to my native country Philippines. Anyway, here is my Wordless Wednesday photo for this week...

" Happy Halloween Everyone!..."

I took this picture just this day at my Nephews school since, they got a Halloween party. Quite enjoyable though honestly, I feel bored since, I couldn't relate with them but of course I'm happy! Specially, I witness the Halloween party of my little smart Nephew. Have a happy Halloween everyone!... c",)

Solution for bad credit loans...

There are lots of companies nowadays who are offering credit offers for those people who do have a bad credit loans history nor even those people who been wanting to have a credit lines for their personal nor business usage. In fact, this companies is being created through the demands of consumers at large who been always the concern of providing any types of credit offers according to the demand of people. Eventually, if one nor some of your are looking for a great provider of credit offers as one of those people who do have a bad credit history nor without I highly recommend you to visit this site BadcreditOffers.com for the one who’ll provide you the credit line that you need.

Beaches power...

Beaches is one of the tourist spots that most people are inclined to visit with. Simply because this is the only place that you can capture the fresh air, sunsets, sunrise and some other scenic spots that you'll probably witness by just stying beside the lake shore of the beach. Aside from that fact, beaches is an aid to those people who been suffering to emotional problems since, in this place they could reflect to them selves and think more strategic ways on how to come up a solution for their common emotional problems.

On the other hand, The Beach Club in Hallandale Beach is one of the most aspiring and amazing beach place to visit 'cause they got everything we need. In fact, they got the ultimate luxury style Condominiums which primarily features a prime location, top of the line amenities and an ambience built around your style. Amazing! Isn't it? I guess, this is more than enough we could as for a great a quite beach vacation. So, dare to visit their place now and have a chance to experience the luxurious style of their condominiums.

Bye Bye, Japan...

7 more hours to go I'll be leaving Tokyo, Japan already. Pheeew... Time is so fast! I never thought that this is probably my last night here... :( Well anyway, I already accept it that I was not given a 3 more months to stay here since, Japanese Embassy is too strict with regards to foreigners specifically mens like me. I don't know why but I guess, they might think that I'll gonna work here well in fact, I'm not!... I'm just here to help my Sister out on her pregnancy but time and situation never go with the flow. Maybe I guess, for some reasons that I don't really know what it is. Honestly, I'll gonna miss this place, my life here with my Sis, Brod-In-Law and Little Smart Nephew... :( But I really have to say Goodbye even if I opted not to leave but I know its not permitted anymore...

On the other hand, despite the fact that I'll be leaving already I'm still thankful and grateful to HIM for he gave me a chance to experience the life I have now. Thanks to my Sis, and Brod-In-Law for all the support and guidance they gave me just to be with them right here. No amount of word could ever describe how thankful I am to them. A really big thanks to them. Thanks Japan!... c",)

Binoculars for online sale...

Binoculars is often used if you wanted to see the farthest object that could not be seen by your two naked eye. Nor its is an object which is usually use to see those micro objects that could only be seen though the use of binoculars. Eventually, I came to know that there are available binoculars already for digital cameras since, as one of the addict of photography I opted to purchased one soon if I already got enough cash to purchase one.

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Love Matters....

Life without love is useless… ‘Cause I believe Love is all that matters even if the two person is not seeing with each other nor holding their hands together. But whats the important thing about love is you both trust with each other. It is one of the best species to make the relationship worth living for. Loving someone is the absolute issue of life and it is were our life revolves. Shame to those persons who merely don’t believe that love is the most important thing that we all must truly had and I beg those people who are insane of merely saying that they are in love will in fact they are not. Oh! people… Please be true to your self… Don’t waist your time by making such any fool thing to somebody cause mind you, it might came back to you if you won’t stop and start a new.

We all wanted a happy, satisfied and a perfect love in our life. But we cannot avoid the reality that we often fail on the other aspects of our life and I guess, life is all about that!… Even if we already give our best still its not enough ’cause as you know, theres no such perfect thing in this world only “HIM” our Divine Creator. So, people out there try to reach out to those person who merely needs your care ’cause it might be a solution to find the answer to your never ending questions… Have a blessed day people!.. Give love to others…c”,)

Van Insurance...

Insurance is always one of the best thing to consider if you purchase a particular property that you'll gonna use it on your daily undertakings. In line with that, we often observe nowadays that there are lots of companies arises which mainly provides insurances for some particular assets of every individual. One of the rampant and demandable insurance as of this present age is the Commercial Van Insurance which primarily covers the security of the vans that will be use personally nor for business purposes.

Eventually, this are those companies who are offering a great subscription insurance for the van owners. Aside from that, insurance company that has been tested for years and decades of service. So, if your looking for a van insurance company I recommend you this website Autonetinsurance.co.uk for they are one of the best provider for van insurance.

Looking for someone...

Searching for somebody who’ll gonna stay with you for the rest of your life is isn’t that an easy way. It may take you to a different variations where there seem to be misconceptions about one particular reason why you tend to search him/her will in fact, you could just stay and wait for him/her to come in your life. I guess, there are factors in our life that we have to work on to fulfill our goal. Even if were not sure enough if we could find them as we continue to search but one thing for sure there’s really meant for us. If theres no any then, I bet our mission is to evangelized Gods word or maybe just to serve and obey what others wants us to do. It doesn’t mean that if we are given a chance to live life with somebody for the rest of our life is the end of our mission. Please don’t try to forget the fact that life is a mere challenge and obedience. We all exist for one particular mission. We may not know or see about it as we climb our individual ladder rest assure that we all gonna have a chance to find it out.

Going back…searching for her/him is one of the most interesting part in this life’s journey. There would be moments in our life that we often ask our self if we are enough to be loved? Or am I ready to love? That was some of the questions that will just come out naturally as we all explore the beauty and world of Love. There would be times that what we feel for one person is just infatuations or just plain friendship. Searching the one we want to be with for the rest of our lives merely starts at friendship. We often ask the person to be friends at first but later on you just realized that you fall in-love with her/him and you don’t even know why? That’s one of the beauty of Love. You love because you don’t know. Simply because Love is one great word that does not need an explanation. Its just a feeling you simply feel when you gets near to the person you love. A feeling that bears all things. A feeling that could not be stolen by anybody else but beware try to go deep and ask your self if its really love what you feel or its just a plain friendship. Its just that you seem to be comfortable with her/him due to similarities in words, actions, quirks, and habits that merely the reason why people got realized why they fall in-love. Isn’t that annoying to think that you just fall in-love because you do have similarities? I bet that was not love anymore. That was just a casual feeling that all people will also definitely feel towards others. Loving someone does not need any condition at all. So, as you we all search the one we want to be with in sickness and in health, in richer and in poorer, and till death let’s bare in mind that Love is unconditional.

Secured your Family...

Family is always the center of everyones life. Specially for those people who already have their own families simply because they are mainly the reason why people seem to survive despite the obstacles and common problems that usually encounter through the life span journey of being one. On the other hand, as I observed nowadays there are families who been struggling with financial problems due to some major reasons. Due to that, they often look for a practical solution such like Secured Loans just to solve their problem. Besides, opting to adopt this way of solution is better than looking for a particular person who will lend them cash to solve their financial problem.

Eventually, securing a Secured Loans is somehow useful and helpful for those people who been struggling with almost everyday just to raise their Family. So, if your one of them try this out!...c",)

Common Solution...

We often observe nowadays that there are lots of people who really got a little problem with regards on their paydays. Well I guess, this is not new to anyone anymore since, this is the common problems of all even those wealthy one. Reason why this problem is rampant simply because they don’t have a cash nor a money yet to pay their bills at home and specially to those parents who do have a students already.

Eventually, if you don’t have enough cash yet to pay your bills such like water bill, rental bills, credit card bills, electric bill, school bills for your children, and some other bills that you really have to pay it on time ’cause if you don’t it will just turn out to a critical situation that will burst you up! So, if you got a problem on that particular things no need to worry anymore ’cause payday loans is here for you to help you out on your problems. You can get approved in this pay day loans in just minutes through their online application, and cash will be deposited in your account via wire transfer in a short amount of time. Aside from that, you can have a cash advance too if you opted to adopt this method. Great! Isn’t it cool to know about it? I guess, its the best solution that you could ever have on your paydays problems. Have a chance now to apply online at Cashadvance1500.com and enjoy every quality services they offer it to you.

Hidden Beauty...

I really love to do such great adventure at Hawaiian Vacation Kailua simply because this place is quite amazing. What will I got something out on this vacation? Well, probably its the scenic views of this place that you could not find in any other places just only here! Eventually, if some of you is looking for a great vacation I highly recommend you this place ’cause its the best location to hide and relax from any stressful work you been encountering almost everyday at work.

Eventually, if you wanted to know more about this place visit this site Kauai Travel Blog since, all the informations you wanted to gather from this place could be found in this site. Aside from that, for you to also know the Kauai Vacation Rentals if you decided to adopt this place as your next vacation place. So, what are you waiting for guys? Grab the chance to see the beautiful spots of Kailua.

Bad News I got...

I really feel bad today ’cause I already got the result of my application for extension visit here in Tokyo, Japan. And guess what was the result of it? Its SAYONORA, JAPAN… Means have to leave already early this week. Never in mind it appears that this will be the result. In fact, as human I did cry ’cause I really never expect this one! But I guess, God has something plans for me. I just do hope so!…. Honestly, I don’t wanna say goodbye yet! But I don’t have a choice anymore I really need to leave the country to avoid any illegal action.

SAYONORA, JAPAN…. I’ll gonna miss you! Would like to thank you for welcoming me and for letting me experience the life I have for the past 4 months I been here. I thank my Sis, Brod-In-Law, and little smart Nephew for giving me a chance to be here and eventually experience the life of Japanese people. To my Sis, I thank you for all the understandings despite the lapses I do and may you deliver your second angel normally ( I won’t be able to see him anymore…:( Too bad…:( ). To my Brod-In-Law, I thank you for loving my Sis, for being the best Dad to my Nephew, for being to best Husband to my Sis and for being the best Brod-In-Law that I’ve ever had!. No amount of words could ever explain how thankful and grateful I am that I was given a chance to land this promising country. Wishing you all the best luck through out the coming year!… c”,)

Travel Information...

Travel information of the destination that we wanted to visit with is one of the crucial factor to consider before we decide to have our vacation on that particular place. Simply because we are looking for a great, memorable, and enjoyable vacation and we wanted to be safe too right? So, it is a must for us to familiarized the place first before adopting it. Due to that, we really have to consult a travel informations for us to be informed.

Eventually, in my previous post about Hawaii vacation as one of my destination somehow I guess, I have to consider the Hawaii Travel Info before I decide on that thing. So, for you guys who opted to visit this place too try to consider the travel info of Hawaii for you to avoid any serious matters. Aside from that, we have to consider too the safenesses of the Hawaii rental house as to were we'll gonna have our lovely stay.


This movie has already release way back last month I guess. But I just happened to watch it this time together with my Sis, Brod-In-Law, and smart little Nephew. Since, my Nephew Dad bought a DVD tape on it. The movie is incredibly amazing!. Its totally entertaining! Its not just for those young ones but for all of us. I did really enjoy watching the film.

This movie is from the academy award winning Director Brad Bird and the amazing stortytellers at Pixar Animation Studios comes RATATOUILLE, the most original comedy of the summer about one of the most unlikely friendship’s imaginable. The film’s protagonist is a rat named Remy who dares to dream the impossible dream of becoming a gourmet chef in a five-star French restaurant. Together with a down-and-out garbage boy named Linguini, the pair carves their own imaginative path to becoming the greatest chef in Paris.

Literally, this movie is telling us that “ANYONE CAN COOK” who ever you are nor wherever you came from you can cook as long as like and as long as you dare to cook. But try to go dipper if you wanted to search the real meaning of this movie. Reflect and ask yourself. Hope you guys will also get a chance to watch this movie!…Have a great weekend everyone!…c”,)

Hawaiian Beach Vacation...

One of the most aspiring place that I wanted to visit with soon if given a chance is the beautiful and fantastic place of Hawaii. Simply because I wanted to experience to life and great beaches of Hawaii such like the place of Maui in Hawaii. As far as I know Maui Vacations is simply amazing due to the great scenic views that you'll probably see in this place. How I wish one day I'll got a chance to visit this place.

Eventually, if some of you are planning to visit this place try to visit the the site of Hawaii travel blog for you to have a great insight as to what you'll probably see in this place. Aside from that, for you to have an idea on the Hawaiian Beach Rentals if you'll already arrived in this place. On the other hand, would you dare to miss the great scenery of this place? I guess, I won't! Hopefully someday I'll gonna have a chance to see the sunset of this amazing place.

Weekend Snapshot Two...

Its weekend already!.... Hope you guys did enjoy your weekend holiday with your beloved family, friends, and loved-ones. May you have all the happiness you deserve. Anyway, here is my second week entry for this mimi... Hope this one is cool!... Here...

This is one of the best Burger I have ever taste here in Tokyo, Japan. Its one of the burgers I've eaten at one of the Hawaiian Restaurant in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. This was taken a month ago. Don't have a latest photo since, never been to other place this week 'cause the weather here is quite so cold already.... Maybe I guess next weekend!...:) Have a very cool weekend everyone!..c",)

Meet womens with ease...

Dating web sites is not new to anyone anymore except to those people who didn’t even care to get a family because they are satisfied of their life to stay being single. As a matter of fact, interracial relationships is observable nowadays around the globe. One specific tool which greatly help to those people who look for a relationships or some other useful things is the web. Web has everything to offer us from unseen and touchable things which contribute in our daily struggles. On the other hand, it great influence the lives of every people who been using if for almost their life span. Well, who knows that an electronic device composed of software and hardware made by just intellectual minds of individual will greatly influence us? Well, I guess nobody knows it at first until such time it came to the attention of everybody that it is the best tool to connect with other people around globe and the best tool to promote online services and products.

Eventually, web is composed of sites that primarily provides a useful informations about people, culture, society, politics, news, health, technology, entertainment, sports, games, relationships, dating the pick up artist, real state, and some general terms which contribute a useful idea for all the consumers at large. To sight one specific website which I think is habitually exercise nowadays by a lot of different races especially mens just to meet women with ease is the Themodernman.com. We often observe that there are lots of mens and womens who been marrying despite the racial differences. Such like Western mens use to marry an Asian womens ’cause according to them Asian womens is lovable and caring and besides nice guys finish last with women. I guess, this is not new to you anymore.

Furthermore, dating sites would somehow help those people who been looking their man and woman in their dreams to whom they they wanted to settle down and create a happy and wonderful family. Aside from that fact, dating is the only way to search the right person you’ve wanted to be with you for the rest of your life. Its better to indulge into dating rather than by waiting without doing such any steps to find your woman nor man of your dreams. You just need to be humble and patient upon looking and searching for them. ‘Cause even if how good looking nor how kind and sweet they are but if your heart won’t like them still it wouldn’t work out! Look and search for them even if how long and far it is just have patience and humbleness in your heart as you take your journey of looking for them. Try to visit this site Themodernman.com for you to listen some conservation of a great Dating site. Gob bless you everyone!

Time for Poems...

I just got this poem in one of the website here in the net as I continue to browse useful and great informations and stuff about life realities... I feature this poem here in my blog for you to be inspired too as I am!... Here..

Moonlight Drive
by Cindy

Just after midnight
When closing my eyes
Cuddling close to you
For a moonlight drive

Iridescent moon beams
Shine on objects below
Casting shadow silhouettes
Luminescent silvery glow

Crickets sing a lullaby
That echo through the night
Gentle breeze is blowing
Everything feels so right

Stars twinkling a rhythm
In time with the radio
Just the two of us together
Enjoying nature's show

Nothing is more beautiful
Makes me feel more alive
Then cuddling up to you
For a moonlight drive

Hope you guys will be inspired to this poem too! Just read between the lines for you to appreciate the real meaning of the poem. Have a great day everyone!...c",)

Disney Vacation...

Before I arrived here in Tokyo, Japan I often hear already about Disney World from my Sis ’cause they been there for several times already with my Brother-In-Law, Little Cute Nephew and my Mom. It makes me curious about what will I see if someday I will be given a chance to be their with them too though it’s quite obvious already what can see in the Disney World since, I been seeing it in cartoons. But I guess, cartoons is quite different from the reality.:) Well, anyway, as my Sister told me that they will purchased a Disney Tickets soon on December before my visit visa here expires. Been excited on that day! It makes me feel that I happened to came back in my childhood years were I’m so fun of watching Disney cartoons.:)

Cash Advance and Payday Loans...

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Unexpected Payment...

Just a couple of days, my brother refers to me the online paid survey site. I often hear already about this thing since, I was already involve in such paid surveys here in the net. So, after receiving his referral I just sign-up to give him back the referral payment to be credited to his account without knowing that I myslef will also benefit from it. I just didn't think more about it 'cause some of the paid surveys requires a minimum amount that you have to garner before you can redeem it. In fact, this paid survey referred by my Bro is just also like the paid surveys I been through before but one good thing about them is if you refer one friend and will eventually sign-up using your provided link in which your referral ID is attached will be credited to your account an amount of $1.25. Though quite too small amount but its worth it if you refer more to your friends.

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Shopping cart online...

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Plan to purchase a camera...

Yeah!... Hopefully, before I came back to my native country... I was really amazed by the Nikon D40 camera. I plan to buy it soon if I got enough cash on hand already. Reason why I wanted to buy for my own use is I wanted to have a great compilation on photos. I was just influence through my Sis since, she really love photography reason why I learn to love it too.... Here is the specs of Nikon D40...

Key features

* 6 megapixel DX format CCD (1.5x FOV crop, as D50)
* Nikon Image processing engine (as D80 / D200)
* 3D Color Matrix Metering II, 420 pixel sensor (as D80 / D50)
* New Multi-CAM530 three area AF sensor
* ISO sensitivity range 200 - 1600 plus HI 1 (3200 equiv.)
* Custom Auto ISO (selectable maximum ISO, minimum shutter speed)
* 2.5 fps continuous shooting (as D50), unlimited in JPEG
* No status LCD, new LCD monitor based status / settings screens
* Help suggestions on LCD monitor (eg. scene too dark, try using flash)
* Large 2.5" 230,000 pixel LCD monitor
* Bigger viewfinder view (x0.8 magnification, 95% coverage)
* Short shutter lag and viewfinder blackout
* Support for SDHC (SD cards over 2 GB in capacity)
* In-camera retouching
o D-Lighting (shadow / highlight enhancement)
o Red-eye reduction
o Trimming
o Monochrome
o Filter effects
o Small picture
o Image overlay
* USB 2.0 with PTP and Mass Storage device support
* Very compact, light body (smaller, lighter than D50)
* Improved menu user interface (as D80 / D200)
* New EN-EL9 Lithium-Ion battery (7.2V, 1000 mAh)
* New 'Version II' AF-S DX 18-55 mm kit lens

Reliable Review of Online Casino...

Internet is one of my reliable source of informations of great stuff and news around the globe. Informations which I think is cool and eventually I could get something from it. Besides, web nowadays is totally giving us the best informations that we want to the extent that we could possibly own a particular thing if we wanted to purchase something online. In fact, as I came across in some great useful websites, I landed in one of the useful web which provides a total list and reviews of all the online casinos in which you'll probably interested with it too. This web is giving us the reliable online casino reviews that will somehow helpful for each of us who do wanted to play an online gambling safely.

Eventually, playing such online casino games is prohibited for all young ones who are not yet permitted to play such any games. For more details and reliable reviews of all the online casinos just visit their site and have fun playing their games.

New Template...

Yeah!... I got new template again!.... Sorry guys if I keep updating my template. I just really have too 'cause I badly dislike my previous templates for this blog I got. Reason why I got a new template again....lol.... Thank to the author of this template too!. Anyway, what can you say about my template now? Hope you guys will definitely agree with me that its cool and great! right?!... Whatever!.... And for my blog roll friends here, please be advise that your names is listed already in the navigation bad. You can check it right here...

By the way, if you got a little bet more time please kindly answer the poll in my sidebar. This will help you out to ask yourself too on what's your purpose why do you blog?.... Have a great weekdays everyone!...c",)

Decorate your Car...

To have our own automobile is not that an easy way since, it takes for how many years to own it except for those people who are wealthy already and who can afford to purchase one nor some for their personal nor family use. Besides, automobile is not a must for everybody but if you can afford to have your own then why not consider to purchase an auto accessories too? I guess, this auto accessories for your car is cool. Simply because this will help to beauty your car and eventually protect it from any harmless happenings made by man itself.

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Online Fashion..

Fashion is one of the leading products that have been fully established by a lot of companies whose major line of business is the latest fashion for men and women. In fact, even here in the web fashion for both men and women is rampant. There are online boutiques that the main products is to offer those people who are looking for cool and great stuff on fashion styles. One of the leading online fashion company which offers a great styles is the Tobi.com. Tobi has everything you look for such like nudie jeans, seven for all mankind, and some other branded and original nudie clothing made by those well known fashion designers all over the world. On the other hand, they are an Internet fashion company which was started by experienced entrepreneurs Corina Nurimba, Catherine Chow and Next Internet LLC. Aside from that they are creating the leading company in the next generation of Internet shopping experience in a more personal, more convenient and more fun than what is currently available to them. Wow!.. Isn't that cool to know about it? I guess, its more than just convenient we want.

Eventually, Tobi.com is indeed the best internet shopping for all those people who been always looking on what's new in the fashion trends. Besides, Tobi got an online fashion stylist that help you out to find the best style nor suited clothing for you! Visit them now!

Some Sceneries in Tokyo Dome..

Here are some great photos that you'll gonna see if you'll happened to visit Tokyo Dome... Here it is...

Isn't cool to be visit this place? I guess, you'll miss half of your life if you won't take the chance to be in this place. The place is simply amazing!.... A certified scenic views that you'll only find in Tokyo, Japan... Hope you guys will have a chance to visit this place too... Have a nice weekend!...c",)

Recommended Recruiters...

There are lots of people nowadays whose been looking for a great job that best suits on there capabilities. Due to that demand, a lot of deployment agencies and companies exist to help those people search there wanted jobs or career and one of the deployment company I know that provides a variety of employment to all suitable candidates is the A. E. Feldman Associates, Inc . In fact, they are the best recruiters that could definitely deploy a reliable and qualified applicants or candidates to the companies who has been their clients and clients who keep coming back to them because of there quality service. Other than that, they also accommodate those individuals who are looking for a job by there own effort.

In line with that, A. E. Feldman's practice areas include financial services and risk management, legal and legal support services, communications and media (including telecommunications), technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. We fill professional, executive and top management positions in the U.S. and abroad. So, I guess they are best reliable recruiters that will solve your common problem of searching for a job that suits on you.

The song I sing...

I'm currently listening to the song of Martin Nievera a Filipino male artist who been in the music for a several years already. Here is the song which is entitled " YOU ARE MY SONG "...

You are the song
Playing so softly in my heart
I reach for you
You seem so near
And yet so far
I hope and I pray
You'll be with me someday
I know down inside
That you are mine & I'm your true love
Or am I dreaming...

How can I
Each time I try to say goodbye
You were there
You look my way and touch the sky
We can share tomorrow and forevermore
I'll be there
To love you so
You are my song

I know for sure
That we were meant to fall in love
I look in your eyes
I know what you're thinking of
I try not to say
The words that might just scare you away
I know down inside
That you are mine & I'm your true love
Please, no more dreaming...

How can I
Each time I try to say goodbye
You were there
You look my way and touch the sky
We can share tomorrow and forevermore
I'll be there
To love you so
You are my song

Maybe we can last until forever
And I know that we can make it through
With you in my heart, in my soul, you're my love
You're my song

You are my song

We can share tomorrow and forevermore
I'll be there
To love you so
You are my song!

Hope you guys will lend you ears to listen this song. This is cool!. Have a nice listening...c",)

Been to Yokohama, Japan...

Yeah!... Been there already just last month together with my Sis, Brother-In-Law, and Little smart Nephew... The Place is simply amazing... This was one of the best places I have been here in Japan. Here is some photos I got...

I never thought that once in my life I'll be able to visit this place and experience there life style and customs. No doubt why Japan belonged to the first world countries. They have all everything!... From the tiny to the huge one.... Hope you guys will also have a chance to visit this place...c",)

Lifetime Commitment...

Wedding is a lifetime commitment and this must be celebrated to the fullest one. To tie the knot of two people bonded with love is the most amazing thing to know. To spend our time with the person we deeply love for the rest of our life is one of the most sacred thing to do. Simply because your life with the person you married is not anymore the same way back when your still single. It is were you’ll find the true fulfillment of life’s journey. Eventually, getting married is not a game! Its a purely serious thing. ‘Cause you’ll be creating a family already that will somehow be your source of strength and source of everything you got as you travel along.

On the other hand, before the wedding day comes in everyones life it needs a bet more time of planning and preparation about it. As to how, where, what and when the wedding day should it be. Since, every person is getting married only once. Due to that, every couple who wanted to get married must have personalized wedding favors in order for them to have a simple yet memorable wedding day. So, I guess you need to prepare everything and look every details of your wedding for you to have an ample time on you big day. For those couples who just got married and will be marrying I wish all the best and blessed life ahead!…c”,)

Language that I have to learn...

This is the answer of the question that I happened to answer in Blogthings.com. Pretty cool site.. Here it is..

You Should Learn Chinese

Surprised? You shouldn't be - Chinese is perfect for an ambitious person like you.

You're a natural entrepreneur, and a billion people are waiting to do business with you!

  1. In life, you most want to:
    • Take advantage of opportunities and be successful
  2. The best thing about learning a new language is...
    • Reading literature and poetry in that language
  3. On a spare weekend, you would most enjoy:
    • Spending quiet time with your family or reading
  4. What subject did you like best in school?
    • Computer science
  5. What's the best way for you to learn a language?
    • A private instructor. It's worth it if you're serious.
Would you believe that I could learn it? I guess so!... But honestly, I'm not that so interested of learning a new languages though I know this well greatly help to broaden up mind.

Tokyo, Dome...

I already had a post about this one way back a months ago. I made another one 'cause there something I forgot to tell you. And this is it... I happened to ride the ROLLER COASTER .... Here is the picture...

This is were the Roller Coaster will pass by. Amazing!.... Though honestly, its quite dangerous and its not advisable for those people who are not feeling well and being force to join 'cause this might lead to a serious matters. In fact, I was only the one who ride on it together with those Japanese people since, my Sis and Brod-In-Law is not interested but still I managed. Great!. Really enjoy about this one!... Have you ride this too? Have a nice day everyone!...c",)

Becoming a Parents...

Every person has its own individual role in family. In which, he/she is entitled to do it whether he likes it or not. As for Parent, they got an important role in the family. Eventually, Parenting is one of the most crucial and hectic part of everyone’s life. Simply because to raise a child equipped with a proper manner and conduct is not that an easy way. It takes you a lifetime to teach, guide and catch them every time they fall. But I guess, this would be the best part of life in which you will now realized that the beauty of life lies within the family and people that surrounds you. Eventually, we often observe that there are also parents who got a serious matters with regard to their children. Children who turns to act an acceptable manner by the society. Due to that, it is a need for every parents nor parents to be to have a parenting resources for them to avoid any possible problems that may arise in the future.

On the other hand, parenting should not be taken for granted since, the future of your children lies within you. It is must for every parents to consider the factors that will possibly give them a hint as to how they will raise their children. Be careful everyone!…c”,)

A place to hide...

Vacation is one of the most interesting to do together with your family and loved-ones. It is the best time to strengthen the bonds between you, your family, friends, relatives, loved-ones, nor even those strangers who just came along to pass by. Due to that, we often look for a great hiding place as to where we think we can have an ample time to meditate, to be with ourself and eventually spend it to the fullest.

On the other hand, if some nor many of you who been planning to have a vacation try to consider the place of Costa Rica simply because they got the best sceneries that you can only found in their place. Besides, Costa Rica Travel will definitely give you the satisfaction you want. Aside from that, if you wanted to know more about this place before you decide you can visit the Costa Rica Directory. And as for your accommodation you need not to worry simply because Costa Rica Hotel is not that so expensive which I'm pretty sure it will suit on your budget and you'll probably have an ample time on your stay. So, try visiting their place now and and enjoy every sceneries they offer it to you. Have a nice vacation!...c",)

Weekend Snapshot Newbie...

This is my first post for this mimi since, I just joined this weekend. Hope you guys will also welcome me here... Anyway, here in my photo for this weeks Weekend Snapshot...



I cook this one as for our dinner dish. Its a " PANCIT" and " Lumpia Shai " one of the favaorite dish of Filipinos. Thanks to my Mom and Granny for being my mentor in cooking. hope you guys will love to eat this one too!... For recipe just ask me... Have a nice weekend everyone!...c",)

Recommended Place for Vacationers...

We been always looking for a great and fantastic places if we wanted to have a vacation with our family, friends, loved-one or even our relatives too simply because we wanted a memorable vacation that is quite enjoyable and reminiscing. Due to that, we keep on searching on the net nor asking our friends as to where would be the best place for a great vacation. Eventually, if some of you who does have a plan already to have a vacation with your family and loved-ones but you don't have a plan place yet, I highly recommend you to an amazing place of Hawaii. Simply because Hawaii has everything to offer you to have an ample, enjoyable, and amazing stay. You need not to worry as to where would you stay since Hawaii Vacation Rentals is not that so expensive and I'm pretty sure that you'll not regret of being their.

On the other hand, having a vacation with our family and loved-ones is somehow one of the best way to extend you care and love for them. Simply because its the only time you could be together without those hassles and pressures from work. So, have time to be with your loved-ones. Have a great vacation everyone!...c",)

Reliable Marketing...

Starting up an internet marketing site is isn't that an easy way. It takes you more time on planning your way of selling your products nor services. In fact, there are so many critical factors to consider if you plan to build an internet marketing site. Probably, this are those factors that will really send a great impact to your business if this is working or not. Eventually, it came to my attention that indulging to the world of internet marketing is quite so hard I guess. If you your self has no idea as to how, where, when, what to start your business. Eventually, as I browse through the net, I landed to the site of allinanchor.com which is one of the most interesting site which primarily offers news, tips and knowledge about internet marketing.

This is the site that I been looking for too as one of the internet geek on things that interest me. Aside from that fact, this site has been in the business of marketing consultation, and marketing on the Internet full time since 2001. Cool! How I wish that I’ll gonna have all the knowledge that I need to learn to start up my own online business if given a chance. On the other hand, this site also gives you a hint as to what SEO people does to be recognized to the large arena of online marketing.

Photo Hunter: Practical!

I never get an idea as to what would be my post for this weeks theme. Since, I got a little bet hard time time on picturing out on what would be the best photo that will describe this weeks theme. Well anyway, here is my photo hunt for this week...

" Practical Park here in Tokyo, Japan "

This picture is taken by my Sis Yen way back last July. This park is just located quite not so far from my Sis residential house. This places is simply amazing!... Have a nice day everyone!...c",)

For Hire Moving Company...

Cheap Moving Company is what we use to look up too if we opted to transfer our personal belongings to our desired place. A cheap one which is reliable and did follow the standard form of costing. In line with that, opting for a moving company is the only best solution if we wanted a secure and fast transfer of our belongings. Besides, there's no such any secure one aside from moving company and if you'll personally move your belongings which I think, it will took you so long.

Furthermore, if you are one of those people who been looking for a cheap moving company try visiting this site MovingCompanies.tv for they got the best deal on moving your belongings into your desired location.

Good News for Filipino Bloggers...

Being a Filipino is am proud to be one! Anyway, I got a god news for all the Filipino bloggers who are just residing in the Philippines since, Paypal Philippines is already got a complete features. Which means to say that it can now accept payments from all the companies locally and abroad. That was absolutely a great news I have ever heard as one of the online bloggers who been earning just a little penny out on my blogs.

Eventually, if some nor many of you who do wanted to earn by just blogging the things that interest you then don't loss any time now. Start making your blogs but remember you must also have to bear in mind that there are specific guidelines if you wanted to earn out of your blogs. On the other hand, for those Filipinos nor foreigners who doesn't have a blog yet visit this site Blogger.com, Wordpress.com, Myspace.com and for complete list of online companies who are accepting users to create their own blogs try searching it on Google.com.

Start you blog now!..c",)

Been to Yokohama, Japan...

Yeah!... We been there last weekend! Together with my Sis, Brother-In-Law and little smart Nephew. Its one of the best places I have been here in Japan. I couldn't explain nor put into words how great the place was. How I wish that my country will also have a scenic views like those I've seen. Here are some photos of me taken by my Sis using here Nikon camera.... here...

This are just of the pictures I got from the place. So what can you say about it? Isn't it great to be here? Well, I guess this place is quite amazing!... Try to visit this country soon... Have a blessed day everyone!...c",)

Exclusive Surgical Operation for Men...

It is known already that the common operation that a men could undergo to cut the vas deferense is the vasectomy operation. It is a critical operation which basically concerns the vital internal organ of men which simply the passage way to produce the seminal fluids which is commonly called "sperm".

This operation could be done to those men nor couples who opted to have a family planning nor stop the growing number of population. This could definitely help but every men should know the consequence of adopting this operation before they decide to undergo with it.

On the other hand, for mens nor couples who opted to choose this operation they got a choice to lessen the cost of undergoing this surgery. One of this is the vasectomy reversal cost which primarily concerns on ways how to manipulate the expensive cost of this operation.

Wordless Wednesday!...Am I late?

Am I?.. I guess, I'm too late to post my entry for this weeks Wordless Wednesday!.. Well anyway, here is my picture for this weeks WW... Hope you guys will like this one!... My Sis took this pic using her camera at Yokohama, Japan...

So, what can you say about it?... I guess, let the picture speaks for himself... Have a great WW everyone!...c",)

Disney World Adventure...

Before I arrived here in Tokyo, Japan I often hear already about Disney World from my Sis ’cause they been there for several times already with my Brother-In-Law, Little Cute Nephew and my Mom. It makes me curious about what will I see if someday I will be given a chance to be there with them too though it’s quite obvious already what I can see in the Disney World since, I been seeing it in cartoons. But I guess, cartoons is quite different from the reality. Anyway, I love this thing… How I wish that one of these days we can visit Disney Land to see those amazing world of Disney cartoon characters. In fact, my Brod-In-Law and Sis already plan to go to Disney Land some other time if they both got a vacant time. I was just waiting for that day ’cause that would be a very interesting adventure I’ll gonna have here in Tokyo.

Eventually, as I happened to browse here in the net and found out that there are lots of sites who offers great package trip to Disneyland to see those Disney World Animal Kingdom and some other great sceneries that could only be found in Disneyland. One of those sites that merely exhibit the greatness of Disney World Animal Kingdom is the Kathika.com. In fact, they just don't have a great articles on travel to Disneyland but also some other great places such like Lake Havasu, Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure Theme Park, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom and a lot more great adventure places. Isn't it cool to know about it? I guess, its pretty great that they offer those type of informations for the benefit of everybody who be always looking for a great and memorable adventure.

On the other hand, I can't wait the time to go to Disneyland one of this days or maybe soon before I came back to my native country. How about you guys? Been looking for a great and nice adventure? Then, don't miss visiting the site of Kathika.com for some great informations on were to go. Have a great adventure!..c",)

Antivirus for my New Laptop...

I've always been dreaming to have my new laptop since, I got addicted on net surfing already. In fact, just recently this day I purchased my new laptop computer already! Cool! Due to that, I really need a reliable anti-virus software that will protect my computer from any dangerous viruses that will possibly trigger my computer to operate well. Besides, putting up a security for my computer nor for you also would be the best thing to do if we wanted that our personal computers will last long according to the its life span. On the other hand, as I browse here in the net to look for a security anti-virus software to purchase soon I found a great one that will really protect my personal computer. It’s the NOD32 antivirus -ESET software. NOD32 is the world record holder of the coveted Virus Bulletin 100% award. A very small footprint, blazing scanning rates and unequaled heuristics make NOD32 the leader in the “next generation” of Anti Virus solutions for Home and Home offices. Great!..

Eventually, I might be purchasing one of it soon If I already had enough financial needs. Besides, this will really protect my personal computer. How about you guys? Try for yourself too!…

Dream Disney...

I been always dreaming to visit here in Tokyo, Disneyland since, I'm already here in Tokyo soon before I came back to my native country. I just do hope so. But if not really given a chance to be in this place then its God's plan I guess... Here some pictures of Disneyland I got here in the net...

Hope to be here soon.... Have a great day everyone!...c",)

How Does Your My Mood Rate?

This is my mood rate as of this very moment!... Here..

Your Mood is a 10

You're feeling on top of the world, and nothing could bring you down.

How Does Your Mood Rate?

  1. Right now, you are more:
    • Capable
  2. You are more:
    • Together
  3. You are more:
    • Outgoing
  4. You are more:
    • Brave
  5. You are more:
    • Amused
  6. You are more:
    • Social
  7. You are more:
    • Lucky
  8. You are more:
    • Calm
  9. You are more:
    • Energetic
  10. You are more:
    • Confident
Have a great day everyone!...c",)

Certified Quality Service...

Travelers is everywhere! Whether who you are or where you came from you could be a traveler. Theres no such requirements to be considered as a certified traveler. What matters most is you happened to explore the other places around the globe and experience all the beautiful sceneries that you have been to. One great fact about traveling is you will experience the life, cultures, practices and enjoy the unending sceneries of the places that you have been. It was one of the great fact that you will achieve if you happened to have a chance to travel anywhere on the earth.

As of this present age, travelers are becoming more rampant to the extent that they all want to explore the world if its possible. In fact, even if they are just in a business trip they don’t let the chance to passed without visiting and roaming around the place where their business trips is happening. Due to that, I therefore highly recommend the Karisma Hotel if they wanted to be at Cancun ’cause they got the best quality services and offers a great inclusive packages for all their customers. On the other hand, pay a visit to Cancun as it has the great sceneries that you can only found in this place. Have a safe stay and enjoy!…c”,)

Hotel, Beach and PLace in Davao City, Philippines...

Here are some pictures that you'll gonna find in Davao City. This are some hotels, beach and place in Davao City. Hope you guys will have a chance to visit this place too. This among of the great place I have ever been in the Philippines... Here..

Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Davao City

Loleng's Garden, Davao City

Crown Regency Inn, Davao City..

This are just some of the best accommodations and places you'll found in Davao City. If you wish to know more about Davao City just visit their site here.


This is one of the great song of Beatles that i love to listen with way back befoe when I was still a child. This song is quite too old but I just simply love the rhythm of it as well as the message of the song. Hope you guys will listen this sing too... Its entiled " YESTERDAY "Here...

All my troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they're here to stay,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

Why she
Had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say.
I said,
Something wrong, now I long for yesterday.

Love was such an easy game to play,
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Why she
Had to go I don't know, she wouldn't say.
I said,
Something wrong, now I long for yesterday.

Love was such an easy game to play,
Now I need a place to hide away,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.