Vacation with people you loved

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Tips to avoid bloating!

Basically, bloating is one of those embarrassing conditions that affect the vast majority of people and yet very few of us are willing to openly talk about it – for obvious reasons. The corollary of this “hush-hush” attitude, the fact that we rarely talk about bloating and usually just grit our teeth and do our best to hide it, is that for most of us, bloating is just another one of those things.

Here are a few easy things we can do to fight bloating:

First, you should chew our food very carefully. If we’re in a hurry and gulp down our lunch, for example, we’re very likely to take in more air, which becomes trapped in the intestines – and that’s not very good news for our bowel.

Second, eat food rich in zinc, a vital mineral that helps with protein digestion. Lack of zinc makes the small intestine less able to absorb food and causes undigested food to be exposed to bacteria in the intestines for longer, creating gas and bloating. The best sources of zinc are lamb, salmon, spinach, rye bread, lentils, peas and brown rice.

Third, avoid heartburn triggers such as alcohol, caffeine, high fatty or spicy foods. Alcohol in particular inflames the digestive tract and depletes the body of magnesium, which has an essential part in keeping food moving through the bowel.

Fourth, another is contraceptives can also cause bloating, as they trigger water retention, so you may want to switch to a Pill with diuretic properties. Eat natural yogurt regularly and avoid water or any other fizzy drinks as you eat.

Finally, avoid refined starchy foods that contain high quantities of yeast and sugar, as they promote fermentation in the digestive tract – with unwanted consequences.

Tips for a healthy Workout!

We know that the best way to stay healthy is to burn the extra calories everyday so that fat does not get accumulated in the body which may cause obesity and make you vulnerable to blood pressure and heart disease. A person should stick to a particular form of exercise or regimen, also called a workout.

Basically, the purpose of a good workout is to help keep the body toned. A good continuous workout helps builds up the muscles by burning up fat cells. The metabolism decreases as one grows older. The calories do not get consumed automatically, instead, converts itself to fat. For those people who lead a sedentary life should be working out until sweat develops. A person begins to perspire within 5-10 of an exercise session. Over time a person’s fat gathers slowly over a period of time. So it will take time for fat to disintegrate. Fat cells will begin to fall off when a person engages in a workout plan on a regular basis.

Considerably the amount of time that it takes for a person to recuperate from an exercise session is about 10 to 30 minutes. It is recommended to lie down calmly, especially after a vigorous excise. Taking time out of one’s busy schedule to exercise can be considered a luxury. Those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle must avoid junk food that does not have any nutritional value but adds extra calories to your body. Over time, you will notice that the time you take to sweat will gradually increase every week. If you are a regular at exercising, it will be at least 15 minutes before you begin sweating. Your hunger will also go up and you would be surprised to note that you don’t feel like eating during your work hours. These are indications of good health, so don’t worry.

You just have to remember that your muscles need to relax before you start your daily routine so recovery time is very essential. If you do not take enough rest, you may get cramps or experience pain in parts of your body. There is a chance of increase in your blood pressure also. Numerous incidents of people developing heart problems as a result of not resting after exercise are frequently heard.