Proto Rail Paintball Guns

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Minimizing Habits During Morning Alarms!

It’s been a tread that hitting the snooze button once, twice, ten times in the course of a morning has become, for many, part of the wake-up ritual, as having that daily cup of black coffee. As research has repeatedly shown, hitting the snooze button is becoming something of a common occurrence, as we all try to hold back the beginning of another hectic day and perhaps make up for the lost sleep. One way to break the circle is to go to bed earlier. Sleeping 5, 20, or 40 minutes more after the alarm goes off for the first time does not, in any way, compensate for the sleep we’ve been losing. Neither does it make us feel less tired or more willing to get out of bed and go to work. The easiest and most common-sense way to break this bad habit and get a resting sleep is to go to bed earlier.

* Instead of going to bed at our usually-designated hour, we should do it half an hour. We should also set our body to “wake up” at the first ring by repeating it to ourselves a couple of times before falling asleep.
* Breaking the hitting-the-snooze-button circle is to avoid any unwanted distraction before bedtime. This means no TV, no computer, and no last-minute work papers, of course, because they might distract us to such an extent that we either go to bed filled with anxiety, or we fall asleep in the middle of things. If bedtime has arrived, we must put everything else aside and prepare for sleep – not for work or watching some mindless show we don’t like either way.

So, even if we’re not fully aware of it, sleeping after the alarm goes off actually does us more harm than good. It’s about time we tried a different approach to it then.

Health Info: Oral Hygiene

For a while the debate on how many times a day we should brush our teeth and floss has not yet been closed, arguably, most of us do it twice or three times a day. A new study comes now to show that, as we’re doing so, we’re not only promoting gum health and keeping our pearly teeth white, but also diminishing the risk of getting a heart attack.

Even though some specific periodontal pathogens have been found to be associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease, the total bacterial pathogenic burden is more important than the type of bacteria. In other words, the total number of ‘bugs’ is more important than one single organism. As noted, this is just one of the many studies conducted on the topic that links oral hygiene to overall health, and especially heart conditions. Even if researchers have not yet come up with irrefutable proof as to how the bacteria in our mouth may be linked to heart attacks, previous studies have shown that gum issues can be connected to heart problems. Bacteria may set off general inflammation that in turn causes blood to clot.

What researchers are trying to send is clear though: we should brush our teeth and floss to reduce the number of bacteria in our mouth and, at the same time, the risk of having a heart attack.

Business Offers

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Talk about food.

Did the recent meat recalls set off a veggie alarm in your brain? Well, we all know how great vegetarianism is for the planet. But, if you’re not ready to take the veggie plunge, at least try getting your meat from a less-alarming source (not always easy – but there are some things to watch for). Here are some typical minimum requirements for eco-meat labels:

* Organic – animals get access to the outdoors (cows, sheep, and goats get pasture time), bedding materials, and aren’t injected with hormones or antibiotics.
* Cage-free Poultry – birds aren’t kept in cages.
* Free-range – animals are given access to the outdoors.
* Pasture-raised and grass-fed – animals get access to the outdoors and can graze.
* Humanely raised – animals get exercise and their cages are big enough for them to move in.
* Hormone-free – cows aren’t injected with any hormones (using hormones on chickens and pigs is already against the law).
* Shop Around – for organic and free-range meat.
* Just Ask – your butcher where the meat you’re buying came from.

Benefits would be: Letting animal rights activists sleep more soundly. Free-range animals, for example, are allowed to spend time outdoors and have more space than those at conventional factory farms. You can also waking up to energy savings. According to a study, organic farming uses 30% less energy than factory farms for the same yields. And, you will have healthier and bright-eyed life. Organic animals are raised without antibiotics or artificial hormones, and aren’t genetically modified.

I'm planning to buy an iPhone!

It's been two months now that I been thinking to buy an iPhone. I was supposed to buy by the end of this month but too sad to mention that my money is not enough yet to buy the said phone. I can't help my self thinking about it. The moment when I see somebody using their iPhone I was really jealous. I just keep stirring at them and wondering when can I have my dream iPhone. Too bad I can't buy right now 'cause I happened to left my friends laptop in the bus a week ago hiding to be Dubai and only to realized when I already reached my friends house that I left the laptop in the bus. I can't trace it anymore! Because of that instead of buying an iPhone I'll gonna buy a laptop for him otherwise he will report me to the police. Really feel bad about it but I don't have a choice anymore!

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Wishing & Hoping to visit Disney Land

I was once a child who wish and hope to visit Disney Land. A place that one day I dream to see its wonders. A place that I long to take a photos with my favorite Disney characters. A place that I dream to enjoy and have fun with my beloved family, friends and loved-ones. Disney Land has a great scenery to offer us. It's not only Disney characters but it also gives you the chance to explore and experience the life of wonder land.

It was man who made it! But because of man's creativeness and advance way of thinking we were able to put it in reality. I know that those characters never exist in the real world. But man finds a way to bring it to life as one of the source of inspiration to everybody that taught us nothings impossible in this world of mortal people.

If I'll be given a chance to choose between Disney World Tickets or cash I'll definitely choose the ticket. No questions and without no doubts 'cause ever since in my childhood years I already dream to visit this place and eventually experience the life of Disney people.

Hopefully, one day God will grant me a chance to visit this place more I want and other people too. Wish me luck everyone!

Travel Destination: Camiguin Island, Philippines...

The island-province of Camiguin is a pear-shaped volcanic island in the northern tip of Mindanao. It is approximately 90 kilometers north of the City of Cagayan de Oro. It is bounded to the north by Bohol Sea, to the west by Macajalar Bay, to the southeast by Gingoog Bay and to the east by Butuan Bay.

Camiguin is the smallest province in Northern Mindanao, with its land area pegged at 29,187 hectares. It is composed of five towns, namely, Mambajao – the capital town, Mahinog, Guinsiliban, Sagay and Catarman. The island plays host to seven volcanoes, including the still-active Mount Hibok-Hibok. According to the National Statistics Office, Camiguin has a total population of 74,232 persons, making the province the second smallest in the Philippines in terms of population.

Among the Province’s major products are coconut, cassava, banana, camote, palay, corn, fruits, coffee and vegetables. Camiguin’s volcanic soil has proved to be a fertile ground for planting various crops. At present, the Provincial government is looking into an agricultural program that would increase the cultivation of fruit trees and vegetables in Camiguin. The Province is also among the best abaca fiber producers in the country. Camiguin is proud of its natural resources, which include sulfur deposits, geothermal energy, agricultural lands and fishing grounds.

The Camiguin culture is a mixture of both Boholano and Cebuano culture. It is very colorful and creative. The people are deeply religious, hospitable and friendly. Cebuano is the major dialect in the Province. However, in the towns of Sagay and Guinsiliban, where most of the indigenous tribes reside, the Kinamiguin dialect is still spoken. Kinamiguin is derived from the Manobo dialect with some mixture of Boholano.

Looking for exit sign plaque provider?

Exit Signs is a must for every buildings and must be embarked on a designated places that can be easily accessed by all people at levels. This will be the one to guide them on where to go if in-case emergency happenings like the common one fire is at steak. Mostly, all constructions areas has an exit signs too where all construction employees is informed prior to the start of the job to avoid serious accident. Likewise, highways has an exit signs too. This will lead the drivers where to pass by in case of road constructions and some other road inconveniences. Even houses has an exit signs too! This only applicable if the house owner wants to embarked an exit signs on his house.

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A year away from home!

Time travel so fast! I'm already 1 year already here in Abu Dhabi. My first time to spend a year away from home. I could still remember the first day I step this promising land and how I adjust the weather of this place, the people, the food, and everything else. And now, I can really say that I adjusted! Though its pretty hard and it took me sometime to adjust the attitudes of the people here but I managed to go along with them. Specially, at work my boss is Arab and some of my colleagues is Indians though there are few Filipinos but I can really say that its hard but I did it for good.

Right now, there's a lot of changes! I started as wireline operator and transferred to HSEQ Coordinator. The compensation is at risk. But I still accept it 'cause its better than nothing. Specially, my family is longing after me. Quiet boring sometimes but thanks God 'cause He gave friends whom I cherished now that I meet them here. They are all one of a kind. To mention few of them, Makoy who was there in my ups down. He turns to be my best friend here who keep reminding me that life is precious. He was such a wonderful person indeed. No words could explain how thankful I am to be part of his journey. Thanks Koy! To Kuya Lar, whom I just meet a month ago and never expect that there are people who are like him. A father, a brother, a friend, all rolled into one. He was the best package you can ever had. He shared a lot of his life who taught me to believed that life after all needs to be cherished and to be enjoyed. To some more guys I've meet just lately, who makes me feel that we are all in one journey who aims the best of everything thanks all.

There's so much to remember and to cherished for one whole year I've spent here in Abu Dhabi. But I guess, there's no need to elaborate more of it as it was all confidential and 1 day is not enough to share those thing. All I can say I'm grateful that I am here. I'm grateful that I experience those remarkable memories in my life. Wish me as I travel more in search for satisfaction.

Dedicated Hosting

Recently this day I am browsing the net to look for a reliable and affordable dedicated hosting for my blogs as I've decided to transfer all the hosting I have for my several blogs from the current provider I have now. The reason behind why I wanted to transfer the hosting of my blogs is I used to encounter server problem almost every hour and seldom everyday. I been hosting my blogs at them for a year already but suddenly I don't know what's going on after I received their short notice that there are some fall downs and changes on their servers as they are upgrading. I understand the fact that they are upgrading their servers but for almost 1 and half month now the problem was still the same. Server problem! I keep on emailing them what's going on? They keep telling me the same thing that they are about to fixed it. I couldn't count anymore how many times I sent them an email stating my problem on their servers. I was pissed off! I off at them already!

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Couple Vacation...

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