Wishing & Hoping to visit Disney Land

I was once a child who wish and hope to visit Disney Land. A place that one day I dream to see its wonders. A place that I long to take a photos with my favorite Disney characters. A place that I dream to enjoy and have fun with my beloved family, friends and loved-ones. Disney Land has a great scenery to offer us. It's not only Disney characters but it also gives you the chance to explore and experience the life of wonder land.

It was man who made it! But because of man's creativeness and advance way of thinking we were able to put it in reality. I know that those characters never exist in the real world. But man finds a way to bring it to life as one of the source of inspiration to everybody that taught us nothings impossible in this world of mortal people.

If I'll be given a chance to choose between Disney World Tickets or cash I'll definitely choose the ticket. No questions and without no doubts 'cause ever since in my childhood years I already dream to visit this place and eventually experience the life of Disney people.

Hopefully, one day God will grant me a chance to visit this place more I want and other people too. Wish me luck everyone!

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