When I'm down, when I'm blue,
You were always there to help me through,
You're not just an ordinary friend,
I'm sure your the right person I can depend.

You light up my life when my world turns into darkness,
How lucky I am to find a strong fortress,
You're work make's you always busy,
Moreover, I thank you for sparing a little time for me.

Nothing really matters everytime were together,
Because were always happy of what ever we share,
We treasure each and every moment,
I hope this would not lead to a feeling of resentment.

For of knowing you,
I realized I am falling for you,
I dont know how nor I don't why?
But God said "Son, don't be shy!",

I mean no harm in our friendship,
But I can never longer stand this hardships,
Now, what must I do?
I can't help my self from LOVING you,

If you can't see my LOVE right now,
I'll hope and pray that sooner or later,
You'll feel it somehow.

However, I still have one last question to ask you,
For I have now the courage because of you

BY: willstop

"The Perfect Day..."

Hello world!...Are you aware that Philippines nowadays, is in crisis? Well, I guess, its not new to anybody else. But I guess, Filipinos are continuing to fight just to survive. Well anyway, despite of that reality, today is the "PERFECT DAY" I have!...You might wondering why? Well, in my past blogs I happened to discuss and to let anyone about my break-up with MY GIRL...Simultaneously, this day makes me PERFECT, to the fact that, she's MY GIRL again...In other words, were again COUPLE right now. After a month have passed and after all the heartaches that we both feel during our break-up we've realized all our faults and come up the right desicion to be together again. Since, we both still feel LOVE for each other. LOVE that conquers and bears all things even if were too far from each other we still strongly believe that LOVE will find a way.

Know what guyz, we been through a lot of hardships, struggles and pains already!...that may sound too familiar but its really true. We did'nt think that our relationship could reach this far. And I guess, were just too lucky enough to have this relationship works out! Basically as of now, were far from each other and because of that it makes us more braver and hold on to our dreams that somehow we will be in each others arms again. "LOVE IS FULL OF SURPRISES"...You just need to know how to dwell on it!.

" Discerning God's Dream For Us..."

Wohh....Am I too serious in my blog title?...Isn't it?...Well anyway, guyz, I have'nt told anybody else even my family that once in my life I happened to arrive in the stage of planning to become a PRIEST. Just way back in college, there's a particular time that I attended a "SEARCHING SEMINAR" in our school( St. Michael's College ) conducted by a JESUIT PRIEST. I don't have any idea why did I attend the said seminar. Aside from that, before the day arrive for the said seminar, I'm really excited and too eager to hear the words of encouragement of the Priest. I dont really know why?..The only thing I know is that, I just feel EMPTINESS. Honestly guyz, its too hard to explain what did I feel that particular moment of my life.

The said seminar really helps me a lot to understand better in discerning God's dream for me. I better understand and found out that to become a Priest is not that really easy. There's a lot of things in your life that you should have to consider before planning to become one of God's disciples. One of the best lesson that I gain that taught me is that PRIESTHOOD, is a serious, sacred, and noble thing to do. Basically because, to serve God and to obey all his teaching's is what his dream for us. But I guess, not everyone is serious about those things....Too bad....well, I can't blame anybody maybe they have there own reasons why. But know what guyz, what ever your reason don't ever forget that because of "HIM" you happened to explore and see the beauty of the world.

After that seminar, I'm at ease and got a peace of mind. But I happened to ask my self "WHAT IS DISCERNMENT? And thanks to the Jesuit Priest 'cause he gave us a piece brochure that tell us about Discernment. " DISCERNMENT is a seeking of God's will in my life thru the inner movement of the Spirit of Love. We are all called to discernment because a Christian life (vocation) is precisely a response to God's will and call to discipleship. "Be it done to me according to your word." (Lk 1, 38)

"Job-Hunting: Everywhere & Anywhere"

What should I supposed to say to this topic that i chose to discuss....Well actually, there's a lot I can say to this subject...Basically, as of now, I'm really looking for a job. Since, I am a fresh graduate its really hard for me to find a job right directly. But I do hope that there's really a job that awaits for me.

Know what guyz, its been five(5) months already that I dont have a work yet!. Though I'm still young and there's a lot of opportunity waiting for me, you cannot hide it in me to feel bad! In fact, I'm already right here in Davao City, Philippines to try my luck here. But I guess, there's no such work waiting for me here. I been through to a lot of interviews but still I was not hired!...Too bad!...But I'm still alive 'cause I do believe that there's really a great job that awaits for me though I don't know, what was that job or should i say where was that particular place. The only thing I do is just preparing my self for what ever my come in my way. I'm just really praying that I can find a job soon.

Honestly guyz, I'm too eager to have a job already to the fact, that I wanted to help my family. Well, that sound too old but its actually true. I wanted to support there daily needs though I could not give them everthing they wanted but t least I can help them. You know what, its really hard for me to hear something bad from my family cause even if how eager I am to help them, I cant' since I dont have a work yet! In other words, I dont have money to support them..It really feels bad....

As of now, I'm really hoping that I can find a job. Actually, I'm on the process of Job-Hunting over and over again until I can find one. In fact, there's really an opportunity waiting for me in Pasig City. The HR Manager emailed me yesterday about my application for "WEB DESIGNER". He told me to submit a URL of my personal blog, and personal Homepage including some examples of my edited art works...So, right now I'm really working for it!...And Hopefully, if the time demands me to be there in Pasig City for formal interview I do hope that my sister support my financial needs....Finally, I'm really hoping that everthing goes right...

" Far away living..."

Here I am again...This is my first post in this account basically I was not able to recover my past blog account...So, I have no choice but to make another one and this is it!....and guess what? I'm so excited to write away all my finished day activities....Well anyway, obviously I spend my whole day activity with my Little Cute Nephew and Alluring Sister...[lol]...just right this afternoon at 4 o'clock we went to G.Mall to buy for some of the school supplies that my nephew wants...

Honestly, I got a little bord right staying here in my sister's house...But I have nothing to do but to sacrifice a little bet more since , I am looking for a job right here. What else more I can say? Well, I really missed my life staying in my parents house where I grew up and have build up my dreams and aspirations...I really missed my girlfriend "BAMBIE"...I missed my friends...And all other things that concern about my native town "ILIGAN CITY, PHILLIPPINES"...Maybe I think this was really part of life. If we already got finished our schooling we really have to find our destiny. A destiny that fulfills our dreams and a dream that bears all things..Know what, I have learned that living alone even if your still in your sister, brother, relatives or friends house is still a struggle. You must have to please them not because they are the one who feeds you nor support your needs but because they are the one who takes care of you and gives you words of encouragement that somehow as you go along in your journey to life you can really find the success that you really want.

Because of that, I really thank God for giving me a LOVING, UNDERSTANDING, CARING, & EVER SUPPORTIVE Sister & Brother-in Law...Know why?...It's because even if I know that they're already tired of helping my parents to survive in everyday understakings they're still willing to help them..Even me...And I just do hope that no matter what happen they're still willing to help us...Thank's God...

Oh! I almost forgot...just want to extend my best regards to my EVER CUTE BOO "BAMBIE"...Honey, thanks for being such a very supportive girlfriend 'cause even if were too far from each other you did'nt even forgot me...And just want to say "I'm sorry for all the bad things I did"...Thanks for the unconditional love you've given me....I just pray that no matter what and no matter where I am or maybe, God will find a way to connect us...ILOVEYOU BOO....