" Discerning God's Dream For Us..."

Wohh....Am I too serious in my blog title?...Isn't it?...Well anyway, guyz, I have'nt told anybody else even my family that once in my life I happened to arrive in the stage of planning to become a PRIEST. Just way back in college, there's a particular time that I attended a "SEARCHING SEMINAR" in our school( St. Michael's College ) conducted by a JESUIT PRIEST. I don't have any idea why did I attend the said seminar. Aside from that, before the day arrive for the said seminar, I'm really excited and too eager to hear the words of encouragement of the Priest. I dont really know why?..The only thing I know is that, I just feel EMPTINESS. Honestly guyz, its too hard to explain what did I feel that particular moment of my life.

The said seminar really helps me a lot to understand better in discerning God's dream for me. I better understand and found out that to become a Priest is not that really easy. There's a lot of things in your life that you should have to consider before planning to become one of God's disciples. One of the best lesson that I gain that taught me is that PRIESTHOOD, is a serious, sacred, and noble thing to do. Basically because, to serve God and to obey all his teaching's is what his dream for us. But I guess, not everyone is serious about those things....Too bad....well, I can't blame anybody maybe they have there own reasons why. But know what guyz, what ever your reason don't ever forget that because of "HIM" you happened to explore and see the beauty of the world.

After that seminar, I'm at ease and got a peace of mind. But I happened to ask my self "WHAT IS DISCERNMENT? And thanks to the Jesuit Priest 'cause he gave us a piece brochure that tell us about Discernment. " DISCERNMENT is a seeking of God's will in my life thru the inner movement of the Spirit of Love. We are all called to discernment because a Christian life (vocation) is precisely a response to God's will and call to discipleship. "Be it done to me according to your word." (Lk 1, 38)

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