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Community FriendBlog...

As of this moment, two of the most popular Internet activities are social networking and blogging. Sites like Friendster, Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal and etc. offer simple blogging tools for personal publishing. And then theres Funchain which brings together the best of both worlds.

Funchain is an online service that provides tools for shared blogs, which have been termed as ” FriendBlogs”. When you register, Funchain automatically creates a FriendBlog for you. You can rename it into whatever you want, and post about any topic under the sun. In posting entries, you can opt for regular text or you can put in HTML tags to add a little punch to your post layout. You can also make several FriendsBlog, which can either be private or public. Keep track of FriendBlogs is no trouble at all, because Funchain supports RSS, a program that collects post and notifies you few new post.

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One of the most important thing in order to avoid air pollution is simply segregating our personal waste according to biodegradable and non-biodegradable. In this process we are pretty much sure that we are living in a clean and green surroundings which is free from any serious illnesses that might possibly harm us. For that, I highly recommend for each and every individual that they should start recycling their own waste besides this will definitely help them not just for their own selves but for the benefit of everyone.

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Great finds...

Here is also one of the other laptop model I been planning to swap if God granted me the second chance to be back in Tokyo, Japan. If you could read on my previous post here. Its a megabook model but it seems that I need to add some more cash to swap my existing Toshiba Laptop. So, maybe I guess I should look for a cheaper one. And here is some of the other model I found…


Set your mind at ease with the GIGABYTE G-MAX N411 ZENBOOK. The large, 14-inch widescreen display should appease those who wish for a fulfilling visual experience while mobile, and the 40GB HDD space will hold out for the most avid multimedia users out there. For those who wish to transform this notebook into a true desktop replacement, there are two SO-DIMM slots that can give you a maximum of 2GB of RAM to work with. Powered by Intel Centrino platform, this notebook is ready to go with you anywhere, now and in the future.

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Want to have my own camera!...

I wanted to purchased my own camera so soon enough if I already have enough cash to buy one. I’m considering the Canon Model but only find out that its too expensive which will cost me around 60k to 70k pesos. Oh! Too expensive. So, I look around and found this little Mini Photo Snapper which I think is so cool ’cause its pretty cute and handy! Aside from that it will cost me a little bet more lower. Here it is…

Itching for smaller cameras like this,but you want more controls from it? Look no further. Casio, the innovator when it comes to ultra slim digicam design, has given us the Casio Exilim EXP-700. With the 4x zoom Canon lenses with it. It uses a 7.4 MP CCD sensor for those who like their memories to be large as life. And for those who like to capture memorable movies, the Casio supports virtually unlimited 320 X 240 movie recording with audio.

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PH: Metal...

Yikes! I'm posting my entry for this meme earlier. I really miss this community! Its been almost a month I have not participated it due to some particular reasons. Well, any I guess everyone here is really up already for this meme besides this is really quite interesting to join... Well, without any further ado here is my entry for this weeks PH "metal"...

" A Metal Jeepney's "

I just put some photo tweaks on it to make it more interesting! So, How do you find it guys? Hope you all love my entry for this week! Have a nice day everyone! Oh! Its Black Saturday!... Be safe!..c",)

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Talking about Sell Endowment, it is particularly pertaining to a life insurance nor a permanent fund invested to produce income, whether by a company or a personal person who owns it with only a portion of the investment earnings being spent. The rest of the earnings are channeled back into the fund so that the endowment grows and becomes a perpetual source of funding. This is one of the most common funding available to those charities who are being given to them by those people who tend to help them out to support their day to day needs.

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Controversial Crisis here in the Philippines...

Philippines is one of the best country I’ve known since this is my country were I build up my dreams and aspirations that I wanted to fulfill. A place were I wanted to die for! Philippines has everything to offer you from scenic views, accommodations, culture, customs, practices, were even hospitality of every Filipinos. Filipinos is known to be hospitable wherever they are or maybe. They maybe here in our country nor in other countries all over the world still Filipinos is known for that except for those Filipinos who doesn’t claim that they are a Filipino. Shame on them!

In this present situation, Philippines has faced to a most controversial crisis were the most controversial people that are being linked is the government officials. Specifically, the President of the Philippines. Actually, I’m not really into politics and even don’t want to discuss about politics but as concern citizen of this country I ended up to make this article. Issues there, here, everywhere were the most controversial person that are being discuss is the President. I know that I don’t have the right to judge what she can do for our country. I even don’t have the right to question her power to govern our country. I also knew what are those contributions and projects she have done for the benefit of all. But I just got one little concern about her leadership. I know she deserves to lead the country but why is it I keep hearing those words to impeach her specifically this very moment? Why did most government officials are saying that she was the head of all this controversies that the country are facing right now? One specific controversy that the country is facing right now is still CORRUPTIONS. Even way back before CORRUPTION is always the issue. Too bad! When will I hear that Philippines is growing up? When will be the right time that Philippines will be recognized as one of the successful country? Too many questions but never been answered ’cause there are so many government officials who are corrupt and gambler.

Come on Philippines grow up! I shame those officials who are just serving the country for their own good! Officials who are selfish! Shame on you all! May you find the true happiness you been looking for but I doubt if you can find it. May you be blessed with more blessing despite the fact that you are selfish. May you find the success you want though I know your still not satisfied even if you already have it. I just hope that Philippines will recover from all this crisis. And may those young innocent children will be safe from any harm and danger. Grow up Philippines!

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As I continue to browse more looking for a camera to buy soon next month nor on the succeeding months I spotted also this lovely slim camera. Its really pretty cool! In fact, you can bring it with you wherever you wanted to go. Aside from that, you can took pictures wherever and whatever you want! Simply amazing! You wanted to know about it? Well, here…



With ever-improving technological advancement in digital photography, cameras are packing more “punch” in smaller sizes. The SONY DSC-T33 possesses that characteristic. With a 5.1 mega-pixel CCD, you will be able to create larger-than-4R prints. Its slim form factor will have you shooting anytime, anywhere. The 3X optical zoom will get that perfect close up for you and the clear 2.5″ LCD screen will help you to sieve out the ugly images and keep the picturesque-looking shots.

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Valentines day is pretty much over! Easter is just 3 days aways! So, have you guys got your plans already for this coming easter season? or Do you plan to buy a flowers for someone or for the altar? Well, whatever your plan is all I wish for you is a blessed easter season together with your family, friends and loved-ones. Its time to repent our sins and eventually ask forgiveness from those people whom we had fight nor misunderstanding. And time to forgive those people who also do some hurtful thing to us.

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Marketing Perceptions...

Marketing the fish to the pet shops, however, was pretty much old school: phone calls, and then the owners would go over to the fish breeders or distributors to look at the product. This could be a time-consuming process, often taking the better part of a week. This was further aggravated by the fact that the product is essentially livestock it had to move fast, otherwise there would be higher mortality rates. Business essentially became a race for time, for the breeders to pass the fish on to the distributors, who can then send it to the shops, and the the shops can finally sell the fish to customers and all this has to be done without the fish getting the worse for wear.

All that, however, has changed with the introduction of telephones with integrated cameras. Filipinos are practically symbiotic with their cellphones, so it’s no surprise that in an arcane business such as aquarium fish, technology has made the business cycle much faster (and therefor, there is a possibility of more profit with the increased number of business cycles).

Weapons of choice are either cellphones with digicams, megapixel digicams, and a PC with an Internet connection. Of course, there are some business compatibility issues: many of the fish breeders are looking for a cellphone with digicam that is waterproof, inasmuch as accidentally dunking a cellphone is a very real concern. But other than that, the business of aquarium fish breeding has become fast and sophisticated. Some fish businessmen keep whole photo galleries of fish in their cellphones, ready to sell at a moment’s notice.

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Fridays Best: Page Rank Issue...

Yikes! This is one of the best day ever I receive since, my page ranks has back though its not that quite so high but I'm still thankful for it 'cause after how many months of waiting for my rank to be back its now granted it to me again! Thanks God!

But actually, I still got a dilemma about Page Rank. A few months back when my sites has no ranks because I do a paid post. I admit! Its pretty obvious and I guess, its not just me who are doing this but what bothers me is during that time I still spot a lot of bloggers who also do paid post but still they got there Page Rank? Isn't it biased? Google only knows about the ranking but how come a site who has a lesser traffic and and back links while also do paid post has got a rank? What a heck! I admit that its unfair though my rank is back but how about those other bloggers? Will they also got a rank after a how many months? Oh! common!

From the word it self " PAGE RANK " ...It simply tells you the rank of your site, its popularity and back links. We all knew that but, what a heck happened after you'll be granted for a page rank of 3 on first quarter, month will passed it will be taken away! And on the second quarter your rank is back but its now only page rank 2? How does it happened? You came from 3 and goes down to 2? How did they rate it? You expect to rank it higher on the following update 'cause you do all the ways and means just to garner good traffic and several thousands of back links but why is it that it will certainly goes down? Definitely embarrassing!

Well, I just live it to Google. Its just really unfair! The word itself "PAGE RANK" doesn't show the real essence and meaning of it!

Leisure time exploration...

We are all humans that need to satisfy our individual ego. Satisfaction that will somehow lead us to dream even better and much more bigger. Eventually, in our day to day rambling we tend to look for some stuff to be busy with just to satisfy ourselves though it might certainly the best thing to do rather than just staying at the four corners of your room. Go out, have fun and learn new things. It will surely motivate you to explore yourself and know what are the thing you wanted to pursue.

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Delayed Result...

Its almost 2 weeks now I been waiting for the result in my Japanese Visa application. In fact, just last Wednesday I call the agency t o follow up the current status of my application they just told me that it has no result yet since, they just lodge my application last Monday. So, I still have to wait again but I ask the woman on the phone if is it possible that the result will came out next week and she just told me that she's not yet sure since, normally it take 10 to 15 days before the result will came out. I was abet disappointed 'cause I'm really eager to know the result since, my Brod-In-Law is leaving to Chicago, USA by Saturday which means to say that My Sis and his two little boys will be left at Tokyo. Thats quite hassle for my Sis. Even I wanted to to help her out but I can't since, I was not yet granted with Japanese Visa. I just do hope that the result will came out this week and God will grant me this second opportunity to come back to Tokyo, Japan. He know my purpose of going back there. Please help me too guys!

For now, have to wait for the result to arrive. Wish me luck guys!... Have a great day everyone!

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Mobile phones that has a built-in multimedia is absolutely rampant nowadays! In fact, many of us now using it for our own specific purpose. I'm featuring now one of the Nokia's phone that is totally out in the market already. Focusing on the richness of mobile life, the Nokia N71 provides its users with a simple and reliable way to top into new multimedia experiences. An elegantly designed compact fold with a high definition 2.4" QVGA display, the Nokia N71 enhances the user experience by providing versatile entertainment and enhanced Web browsing capabilities in addition to the rich Nokia NSeries multimedia feature set.

With the browsing experience accentuated by its huge high resolution color display (320 X 240 pixel, up to 262,144 colors), the Nokia N71 supports the new Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map. Featuring a semi-transparent zoomed-out overall view of the Web page, users can quickly orient themselves and intuitively navigate to all corners of the site as well as see the Web pages as it was originally designed. Furthermore, the new browser enables RSS feeds, so users can subscribe to their favorite Websites and receive regular updates.

The Nokia N71 makes keeping on top of busy work and social life easy. Thanks to the latest 3G technology, people can enjoy fast connection speeds, ideal for sending E-mails with attachments, browsing the Internet or uploading favorite images to share online with friends.

World of Warcraft Addicts...

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Unsecured Business Loans provider...

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Got a plan for this summer vacation?

Oh! summer vacation here in the Philippines is in the air! In fact, some popular beaches here right now is already fully booked for this coming summer. Well, no question anymore since there are lots of foreigners who really loves to visit the beautiful paradise and amazing scenic views of Philippines. But actually, there are lots of Filipinos nowadays who loves to take a vacation to those amazing places around the world that they always wanted to visit together with their family, friends and loved-ones. Asking why? Simply because they might already tired of seeing those beaches or places here that they often visit every year.

Besides, traveling to those countries like Orlando, New York, Dallas in US and some other great place of United States is definitely amazing! I'd love too to visit those places but maybe I guess so soon. How about you guys? Got plans already? If you don't have a destination yet this coming summer try to consider the fantastic place of Orlando 'cause this place has everything to offer you more than you ever expected! No need to worry were to stay 'cause Orlando Hotel Discount you if you prefer to stay at their amazing service hotels. So, grab the chance now to visit this place and have fun in Orlando vacation.

PH: Different!...

Yikes! I miss this thing! Its been weeks I haven't participated this meme due to some reasons. Anyway, without further ado here is my entry for this weeks PH theme "Different"...

Different balloon colors! So, how do you find my entry? Well, I guess let the picture speaks for them self as it has a lot of word to tell. One more thing, easter is fast approaching so be ready for that! Have a great day everyone!

Golden Palace Games...

Online casino games is totally rampant here in the web nowadays but I guess, there are just few of them who are providing a reliable and quality service to those people who are totally addicted on it. Aside from that, its too hard to easily trust to those online casinos that exist if we are not convinced that they are really providing a reliable services. So, to those people who are playing those games online be subjective and try to consider there company background in order to avoid scams.

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Death toll nears 100 in Sri Lanka battles: Ministry...

Its so mad to think that even in this present time there still people who are still the contrary of battle in which behind it the governments officials is the source of those battles. In fact, there are lots of government officials who are using power to govern the society juts for their own safeness. Too bad!

COLOMBO-Sri Lanka forces pushed deeper into Tamil Tiger terrotory in the three days of fighting that has left at least 83 guerrillas and nine (9) government soldiers dead, the defense ministry said Tuesday.

It sais 14 rebels died in fresh fighting on Monday, while 69 were killed on Saturday and Sunday. A further 31 were "either killed or wounded," the ministry said.

Nine soldiers were killed and 40 hurt in the battles with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam guerrillas, it added.

The military reports received from the battle fronts... indicate that Sri Lanka security forces are moving towards LTTE territory, further inflicting damage to the enemy," the ministry said in a statement.

There was no immediate comment from the LTTE, which has been fighting for an independent homeland for minority Tamils since 1972.

However, the prorebel website reported that the Sri Lankan military had pulled back after suffering heavy casualties.

Search Engine Optimization...

Search Engine Optimization is not new to all of us anymore! In fact, in this present age there are lots of people who indulge into this type of business. Yes! Its a business already! 'Cause there are people in the world wide web nowadays who did resign from there previous jobs just to focus there mind on Search Engine Optimization as one of there generating income. Aside from that fact, Search Engine Optimization is basically design to promote a website that will possibly rank higher in search engines. One of the common goal of those people who indulge into this type of career is they wanted that there sites will rank highly in which they also cater services from those companies who wanted to promote their there websites just to spread the news that they are offering those type of services and products.

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Sixers keep rolling with 106-80 over Clippers...

The latest game of basketball is here!.... I'm actually following the games as of this present season! Who do you think will gonna win for this season?

LOS ANGLES- Andre Iguodala scored 18 points, five of his teammates also scored in double figures, and the Philadelphia 76ers avoided their upset win at Phoenix by routing the Los Angeles Clippers 106-80 on Monday night.

Samuel Dalembert had 12 points and 12 rebounds, helping Philadelphia win of the 10th time in 13 games. The 76ers, trying to earn their first playoff berth since 2005, are a game ahead of eight-place New Jersey and two ahead of ninth-place Atlanta in the Eastern Conference.

Andre Miller had eight assists and si points against his former team.

Rookie Al Thornton had 20 points for the Clippers, who have dropped six straight and are one shy of their longest losing streak this season. They committed 18 turnovers, which Philadelphia converted into 27 points. Eight of the Clippers last 11 loses have been by double-digits.

Watch out for the next hot game!

Avoid Breast Cancer...

Womens is almost always the victim of breast cancer. In fact, numbers of breast cancer even before until this present age is still increasing. There are lots of factors that mainly contribute that a women could be possibly had a breast cancer. So, I guess for those womens out there its better to take care of your breast in order to avoid breast cancer.

Therapeutic Breast Massage

Eventually, I highly recommend you all to please visit this site and if possible try to learn breast massage as it was one of the best way to avoid breast cancer. Its never too late yet to take care of your health specially for womens not just only your breast but also your entire healthy lifestyle.

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Thoughts of my Heart...

Having been through ups and downs…Near and far…Good times and bad times…Break ups and commitments still we are one. Its been 2 and a half years already have passed when I met her in my alma mater. She seem to be so innocent then. But as we grow together though its been a quite long time already that we been so far away from each other ’cause I really have to find my destiny still she’s there to support me along my way. Even if we been to several break ups already still we haven’t separate our ways ’cause there’s one thing that merely binds us. Its what they often called “LOVE”. I don’t know yet right now to were our relationship would be but one thing I know is that as we grow far from each other and just being connected through emails I found out that we both still hold in our dreams that somehow we are meant to be. I guess, what we have experiencing is just part of life realities that basically focusing the sacred and essential feelings of human beings.

As a conclusion, people can make his/her own choice if they stand out on their own eet and be the best as they can. If they choose to stay then so be it. But if they choose to leave then come what may. It was just a matter of choice. What you believe is good then do it but if it goes wrong learn from it. It is where we use to become a wholesome person.