PH: Metal...

Yikes! I'm posting my entry for this meme earlier. I really miss this community! Its been almost a month I have not participated it due to some particular reasons. Well, any I guess everyone here is really up already for this meme besides this is really quite interesting to join... Well, without any further ado here is my entry for this weeks PH "metal"...

" A Metal Jeepney's "

I just put some photo tweaks on it to make it more interesting! So, How do you find it guys? Hope you all love my entry for this week! Have a nice day everyone! Oh! Its Black Saturday!... Be safe!..c",)

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2:13 AM

Great shot for the metal theme. Hope you have a good weekend.

Nice. The bane of our existence. Traffic jams in a sea of metal.


11:25 AM

very metal! :-D perfect!

Barbara H.

11:43 AM

Great shot for today!


12:38 PM

Most excellent choice for this week's theme. Cars could not exist without metal. Have a great weekend.


6:35 PM

Good shot for the metal theme.
I wish you great weekend.


6:37 PM

Excellent take on this weeks theme! Neat photo, cool angles.

Hootin' Anni

6:55 PM

You did a great job with the photo.

Happy Easter [or happy weekend, if you don't observe the holiday], and if you can, drop by for my metal interpretation!!! See if you can guess what it is.


7:53 PM

cool one!i love your picture..

mine is here too:

see yah

Sarge Charlie

10:20 PM

Nice entry, happy easter

Great shots of metal vehicles. Hope they keep their distance and be safe.