Freshwater Threats

A school of fish swims past heat-damaged coral in Maldives. When stressed by temperatures changes, pollution, and other factors, coral will evict the algae that gives them their spectacular colors. This process is called bleaching.

Freshwater ecosystems are essential for human survival, providing the majority of people's drinking water. The ecosystems are home to more than 40 percent of the world's fish species. Despite their value and importance, many lakes, rivers, and wetlands around the world are being severely damaged by human activities and are declining at a much faster rate than terrestrial ecosystems.

More than 20 percent of the 10,000 known freshwater fish species have become extinct or imperiled in recent decades. Watersheds, which catch precipitation and channel it to streams and lakes, are highly vulnerable to pollution. Programs to protect freshwater habitats include planning, stewardship, education, and regulation.


* The creation of dams and water-diversion systems blocks migration routes for fish and disrupts habitats.
* Water withdrawal for human use shrinks and degrades habitats.
* Runoff from agricultural and urban areas hurts water quality.
* Draining of wetlands for development depletes habitats.
* Overexploitation and pollution threaten groundwater supplies.
* Invasion of exotic species can harm native animals and plants.
* Global warming may lead to devastating floods and droughts.


* Restrict the construction of dams.
* Provide incentives for farming business to reduce the use of pesticides.
* Establish protected wetlands areas.
* Regulate water withdrawal for human use.


Childhood Education

A child is known to be the successor of the next generation. They are born for a reason. They are born to continue the legacy of their parents and create a life according to the rules of society, but mostly they are meant to thrive and fulfill their potential. They are simply the mirror of society's future and have the opportunity to take new steps forward whether through personal growth or to enrich society through innovation of idea and technology.

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Recap: World's Tallest Building Soars into the Sky

It rises 2,717 feet (828 meters) into the sky. It is the new tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, and it now graces the skyline of Dubai.

Fireworks (thought to have numbered 10,000) and celebrations highlighted the official opening of the building.

The skyscraper has 162 floors. An observation on the 124th floor allows a 360-degree view of the city. Building began in 2004, total costs exceeded $20 billion, and up to 12,000 people in total worked on the skyscraper.

Among the records set by the Burj Khalifa: highest mosque (158th floor) and highest swimming pool (76th floor).

Long known as the Burj Dubai, the building now boasts a new name, a last-minute change to honor Sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the ruler of Dubai's neighbor Abu Dhabi, which helped stimulate the ailing Dubai economy with $1.5 billion in the past year. Like many other countries around the world in 2008 and 2009, Dubai suffered from the world financial crisis. For example, property prices in the sheikdom (one of seven that make up the United Arab Emirates) dropped by nearly 50 percent in 2009.

The Burj Khalifa is more than 1,000 feet taller than the second-tallest building, Taipei 101, which stretches 1,667 feet high. Chicago's Willis Towers, at 1,451 feet, is America's tallest building. That building and the Burj Khalifa were designed by the same company, Chicago-based Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, which has also designed some of the world's other tall buildings. Samsung C&T, of South Korea, was the primary builder of both Burj Khalifa and Taipei 101.

Elderly Belongings...

Are you guys happy taking care of your old/elderly parents? Do you think that you satisfy their needs? Well, taking care of them is noble thing to do. There's no such wonderful thing of taking care of our own parents who were responsbile for us during times that we are still children. Its great to think that there are still people out there who personally takes care of their old parents instead of sending them to home for the aged or hiring a senior home care. By doing so, your old parents is too proud of you even if they can't tell you that often.

Anyhow, taking care of elderly parents requires you to have a more patience, love and understanding. 'Cause most fo the time they are like babies already. It may possibly happen that they will not recognize you due to age gap. They might possibly act like a child and even playwith their own mess. But if that happens don't condemn them. They might forget you and forget to do things in normal but keep in mind that you were like that when you're still child.

Aside from attitude changes that you need to bare, you also need to provide all their belongings like medicine, clothings, kendall briefs, rich in vitamin foods and some other valuable things that will definitely help them live as healthy as possible. So, if you guys are one of those people who are bound to do things for your parents in your own will accept the challenged that might possibly take your own freedom for a while.

Sperm Recognize "Brothers," Team Up for Speed

In promiscuous mouse species, sperm team up with their closest kin to give themselves an edge in the dash for the egg, a new study finds.

Once inside a female, sperm cells can discern and—via structures on their heads—literally hook up with their brethren amid the crush of sperm from other males. (Related: "How a Man Produces 1,500 Sperm a Second.")

The cells can then draft, Lance Armstrong-style, moving faster than they could alone thanks to more "engine" power from the cluster, said study co-author Heidi Fisher, an evolutionary geneticist at Harvard University's Hoekstra Laboratory.

"It's really amazing that this single cell can do this," Fisher said. "We used to think of sperm as packs of DNA with really fast tails. But [now we know] they're able to make these complex organizations."

Surprisingly, the sperm cells' recognition skills are "incredibly refined," Fisher added: In the experiments, sperm could pick out other sperm from the same male, even when the other sperm were from closely related mice.

Evolution Driving Sperm Teamwork

Fisher and colleague Hopi Hoekstra studied the oldfield mouse, which mates for life, and a related species, the highly promiscuous white-footed mouse. Female white-footed mice will mate with multiple males several times within a minute.

The team extracted sperm from several individuals of each species and mixed two samples in four different combinations. For instance, one experiment mixed sperm from two unrelated oldfield mice while another looked at sperm from two white-footed mouse "brothers." (The sperm carry both male and female chromosomes.)

In each case, sperm from one male was dyed to glow green under UV light, while the other's sperm glowed red.

In both species, sperm formed groups, which swim significantly faster than single cells.

But in every experiment involving white-footed mice, the sperm clustered specifically with their brothers—though how the cells recognized each other is still unknown. One theory is that related sperm express a certain protein on their heads that acts as an identifier, the authors write in their study.

Also worth noting, Fisher said, is that the teamwork lasted just two hours or less, until the sperm reached the egg: The brotherly love ended when individuals became rivals for breaching the egg.

By contrast, the oldfield mouse sperm formed random groups without family ties, according to the study, published January 20 in the journal Nature.

The results support the long-held view that competition drives the evolution of sperm behavior, Fisher said. (Read how sex can speed up evolution.)

Sperm Study Has Limitations

The Nature study is "really intriguing, and broadly supportive of ideas people have been kicking around," said Rhonda Snook, who studies the evolution of sperm form and function at the U.K.'s University of Sheffield. But she pointed out two limitations to the research.

For one, there's not yet a method for observing sperm inside female mice, and it's possible sperm behave differently in the reproductive tract than they do in a petri dish, Snook said.

Also, the study examines just one promiscuous and one monogamous species—it's still unclear whether sperm cluster with relatives in other mammal species, 95 percent of which are promiscuous. There's no evidence, for example, that human sperm band together.

Overall, Snook added, the new study highlights recent advances in fluorescent-imaging techniques, which are now allowing scientists for the first time to label which sperm come from which male. By:

Passing through cultures...

There are several beliefs, culture, traditions and lifestyle that has been passed to us from generations to generations. Practices that keeps us moving to the top though it certainly changes and being reconstructed to a more acceptable one. Cultures that has been adjusted and revised due to present differences.

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Presidential Election 2010: Manual parallel count unnecessary - Comelec

WITH 15 DAYS to go before the country embarks on its first automated polls, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) declared the parallel manual count pushed by certain sectors as unnecessary and assured the public that all safeguards were in place for credible, accurate and swift voting on May 10.

“We are working 24/7 now. It’s crunch time already,” Commissioner Gregorio Larrazabal said Saturday in a media briefing.

“This is the last two minutes of the preparations for the elections. Almost all Filipinos want the elections to succeed. The goal of the Comelec is to have credible elections. We will not allow [anyone] to thwart the conduct of elections on May 10,” Larrazabal said.

The technical working group is to submit its recommendations on a random manual audit to the Comelec tomorrow, completing one of the legal loose ends in the counting phase, he said.

Asked if the poll body had rejected the proposals of groups like the Makati Business Club and a loose coalition of information technology professionals to conduct a partial parallel manual count of the votes, Larrazabal and Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez said a random manual audit would do the job.

A parallel manual count entails a manual recount of the ballots in all 76,300 precincts nationwide for only three elective posts—president, vice president, and mayors.

Under a random manual audit, the ballots for all positions in randomly selected 1,110 precincts nationwide will be counted.

Specified by law

A random manual audit, which is provided for in the Automated Elections Law, will ensure that the results transmitted by the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines are credible and accurate.

“The law specifies this type of automated election. Before, there were many complaints against manual elections, so we went with automated elections. Now that we’re automated, they’re saying, ‘Let’s go manual,” Larrazabal observed.

A random manual audit means the Comelec randomly will choose 5 PCOS machines from 5 precincts in each of the 222 legislative district to compare the manual results with the results reflected in the ER.

Last Friday, or two days before the April 25 deadline, the Comelec and its elections supplier, Smartmatic TIM Corp., completed the printing of 50.7 million machine-readable ballots for the computerized balloting for national and local posts.

On Saturday, the Comelec and Smartmatic TIM began the delivery of the voting machines, ballots, and ballot boxes to the regions.

On May 10, an estimated 50 million Filipinos will cast their votes for president and other posts using machine-readable ballots.

The ballots will be fed into the PCOS machines, which will record and count the marks on the ballots.

At the end of Election Day, the machines will automatically count the votes, print the results, and transmit these to the canvassing centers.

Counting at the canvassing centers will be done electronically.

Delay in proclamation

The Comelec said it expected results in local contests in less than 24 hours. Official tallies for national posts will be done in two days, a far cry from the old system that took more than a month to complete.

Proponents of the parallel manual count said it would guarantee the accuracy of the tallies computed and transmitted by the PCOS machines.

They said it would also prove that there were no malicious bugs in the PCOS software that could manipulate the election results.

But Jimenez said the parallel manual count had been “already considered” by the Comelec and did not guarantee a total and accurate reflection of the votes cast.

“The purpose of automation is to get accurate immediate results,” he said. “The parallel manual count is essentially just a regular manual election. And remember, every time we had manual elections, there were jitters that we won’t be able to finish [the count] by June 30.”

Jimenez also said the manual count scheme had many “ramifications” on the conduct of the automated polls and was “not a simple matter,” as argued by its proponents.

“Just because we are good at arguing for it does not mean the Comelec would immediately follow it. The parallel manual count should be studied. It has logistical, cost, and personnel implications,” he said, adding that it would also delay the proclamation of winners.

Larrazabal said the parallel manual count was similar to the Open Election System proposed by IT expert Gus Lagman in 2009, which the Comelec studied and rejected. (Lagman is one of the proponents of the parallel count.)

Comelec officials also stressed that the count of the PCOS machines could be audited. Larrazabal said the machines would generate a paper trail immediately after the end of the voting, which could be used in a comparison with the transmitted tallies.

‘Why only now?’

Larrazabal and Jimenez questioned the timing of the concerns raised by some civil society groups.

Jimenez said the Comelec’s critics had years to raise their fears.

“Why only now?” he said. “Is it to cause a disruption of the proceedings, to torpedo the elections?”

Jimenez also raised the possibility that the Comelec’s critics were setting the scene to question the credibility of the results.

Gary Olivar, a deputy spokesperson of President Macapagal-Arroyo, said a parallel manual count would “set us up for a very contentious outcome” of the elections.

“I will side with the Comelec on this one... Because the Comelec is the institution that is authorized and knowledgeable on this aspect, we will support [its] position on this,” Olivar said in a radio interview.

He said a parallel manual count would violate the law that requires the election process to be automated and might undermine the credibility and integrity of the process.

“What if the two counting systems came up with different outcomes, and the law says the automated count should prevail? he said.

Olivar dismissed doubts on the credibility of automated polls, saying the Comelec had “already done well, going beyond the requirements of the law by instituting the higher sample of voting units for a random manual audit.”

Target completion date

Smartmatic Asia president Cesar Flores said the company’s target was to complete delivery of key election materials and equipment by May 3.

“From now on, every day, there will be ballots leaving for different regions until May 3, when the ballots for the NCR [National Capital Region] will leave the warehouse. It’s going to be 100,000 different movements and operations,” he said.

Flores said Smartmatic TIM would track the ballots, PCOS machines, and ballot boxes until they reach the local offices.

Yesterday, ballots for 5,000 precincts in Lanao del Sur, Zambonga, Zamboanga Sibugay, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, and Bukidnon were delivered.

The PCOS machines and ballot boxes will be sent to the precincts a week or so before the elections for testing and sealing. By: By Kristine L. Alave - Philippine Daily Inquirer

Boy, 7, Saves Family by Dialing 911

"The 911 system is so simple even a child can use it."

That's what people are told, and yet another piece of evidence has emerged to prove that statement.

A 7-year-old boy calmly phoned 911 from a locked bathroom to report that armed robbers were in his house and threatening his parents and his 6-year-old sister.

The boy, who has been identified only as Carlos, made the call, relayed to the Log Angeles County Sheriff's Department, from his home in Norwalk, Calif.

In a recording of the phone call, released by authorities, the boy can be heard telling the dispatcher that two of the three assailants had guns and were holding his parents at gunpoint while he and his sister were locked in a bathroom. The recording also contains sounds suggesting that the assailants broke into the bathroom where the boy and the girl were hiding. No one was hurt, however, as sheriff's deputies arrived soon after.

Authorities were still struggling to find a motive for the attack, although the method of entry was known: Apparently, the girl had left the front door open while she ran out to the family car to grab her lunch box.

The California episode was the latest in a growing number of cases in which the 911 emergency dialing system has been used by the most unlikely of users. Every year, the number is dialed literally millions of times, including by pets. (One widely known case in 2008 involved a German shepherd saving the life of his owner, who was suffering a seizure, by dialing 911 and barking until help arrived.) The United Kingdom was the first country to institute a three-digit emergency dialing system, in 1937. The numbers are 999. Oddly enough, the first 999 call was to report a forced home entry as well, this one a burglary in London. The burglar was caught.

Australia followed suit 20 years later with its own 999 service (changed to 000 in 1961). In 1958, Canada began its own 999 service. Most countries around the world now have similar emergency dialing services.

The first 911 call in the U.S. came on Feb. 16, 1968. It wasn't to report a crime but to test the system. Alabama Speaker of the House Rankin Fite placed the call from Haleyville City Hall to the city's police station, where U.S. Rep. Tom Bevill (D-Ala) picked up the phone and reportedly said, "Hello?"

Large cities in the U.S. began implementing the 911 service later that year. States followed suit.By:

Computer Spy

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Score! Scrabble Update Targets Younger Players

What's a nine-letter word for change? Try Trickster.

That's the name of the new edition of Scrabble, the familiar letter-based board game that has been delighting wordsmiths since 1948. In this new version, Trickster, the rules have changed a bit. Proper nouns (such as titles of books and plays and movies, along with the names of celebrities) will be allowed. Also permissible will be words spelled backward. (Presumably, ABBA fills the bill on both counts.)

This new version of Scrabble will not be sold in the U.S., according to Hasbro, the company that has the North American rights to the venerable board game. Instead, Trickster will be sold in the United Kingdom, by Mattel, which owns the rights there. Representatives of Mattel say that they are aiming to gain more younger players.

The rule changes, the fourth in the game's history, will come about when players place one of 100 tiles on one of the 225 squares on the board that instruct the players to draw cards that include special instructions, such as the use of a proper noun or the permission to spell a word backward. Another instruction on the cards is that a player has to give one of his or her letters to an opponent.

The word scrabble literally means "to grope frantically." And that is exactly what some players of the longtime favorite board game do when they are puzzled as to what letters to place on the board next. Still, scrabble they do, to the tune of millions of games every year, in countries all around the world.

From its humble beginnings as the brainchild of Alfred Butts (a lover of crossword puzzles), Scrabble has grown to a household word and has long ago become more than a simple board game. Computer games and mobile phones abound (including a hot-selling application for the iPhone). T-shirts and jewelry sporting Scrabble letters are familiar. Even furniture makers have jumped on the Scrabble bandwagon.

Trickster isn't actually the first time the game has changed. Hasbro, which controls the North American rights to Scrabble, also sells a card game called Scrabble Slam and is planning to release a computer game called Scrabble Flash, which will allow players to use blocks that click together. By:

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Breeding success for Florida's wild panthers

Four panther dens--each with three kittens--have been found so far this spring in Florida's wilderness, biologists with the (FWC) and Big Cypress National Preserve(BCNP) said today.

These particular dens were found in palmetto thickets in Picayune Strand State Forest and BCNP in Collier County," FWC said in a news statement. "The births are significant because they offset panther deaths and hopefully mean the population will continue to grow."

The panthers' numbers declined to approximately 30 cats by the early 1980s, but
research and monitoring by FWC biologists have helped in restoring the genetic health and vigor of the panther population, the agency added.

Florida panthers breed throughout the year, but peak activity occurs in the spring, FWC said.

"Biologists attempt to visit the dens when the kittens are approximately two weeks old. At that time, litter size and composition are noted, samples (skin, hair, blood, fecal) are taken for genetic testing and health screening, transponders are inserted for identification purposes.

This information helps biologists learn about the genetic structure of the population. Also oral deworming medication is administered to help give the kittens a healthy start.

After their medical check, the panther kittens are returned to their den.

The kittens stay in the den for about two months, after which they begin following their mother to kills and begin the weaning process, FWC explained. "Kittens stay with their mother for about 14 months. Females set up a home range near or overlapping their mother's home range. Males disperse away from their natal range, sometimes covering hundreds of miles before settling into their own home range."

"It's quite rewarding when we can follow Florida panthers throughout their lives," said FWC panther biologist Mark Lotz. "Active dens are tangible evidence that the Florida panther is reproducing. We learn so much about panthers when we track them from birth through adulthood."

The spotted fur of panther kittens helps camouflage them in the dappled sunlight of the den.
Details on this year's births can be found at Florida PantherNet; click on "Panther Pulse."

State funding for panther research and monitoring comes from fees collected when Florida residents purchase panther specialty license plates. By:

Home Care Providers

Isn't it annoying to think that there are some families out there who send their elderly parents and relatives to an institutional home for the aged? After all the care, love, understanding and everything else their parents have provided for them as a child and growing up; and now they just end up in a very sad situation? How would you feel if you were in their place? I mean, if you were on their side? Don't you know that sooner or later you'll be old, like them? Remember, every human being has its limits and is entitled to exit in this world with dignity, healthy and happy. So, never allow yourself to institutionalize your Mom or Dad as soon as they get older. Instead, take advantage of Senior Home Care Services for them to live independently. This is especially helpful, if it happens that you can't be with them most of your time as you have your own life, work, family duties too. Senior Care Provider is there to help you go through the recovery stage of living. They can take care of your older parents as in the way you would want to take care of them; like a family. So, instead of sending your elderly parents to a hopeless, institutional home for the aged consider Home Caregivers to help them live away from you and out of hospital. This will make them feel they are valued and loved by you; and likewise, you'll be at peace as well, knowing the fact that professional caregivers with a family based mission are taking care of them. So, take sometime now to find reliable Senior Home Care Services if you're at the stage of moving our of your elderly parents house or they need extra support to be on their own. Make sure that they're safe and taken care of, before you move!

Accident Exits...

Got some points to share with you about my recent encounter this morning when I was about to go work. I used to woke early around 5:00 am in the morning as I need to catch our company bus who were passing through my accommodation around 6:05. I thought it was just a normal day I used to have waiting our bus and cathing up with some of my colleagues at work who were riding with me too in the bus. But when we are about to reach the Airport Road (Abu Dhabi, UAE) to catch some of my colleagues who been waiting for a while I wondering why is it that its too traffic already well in fact, it was not used to be like that during that particular time. There were still few cars who are hitting the road to come to the office as early as possible.

But this morning is quite a surprise for me! Around 20 meters away from Airport Road I could see that several people are running back and forth. I don't know what's going on so I stood up and consiously watching what was happening over there and to my surprise there's a fire in one of the department store in the said street. When we almost reach the street where the incident area is located I could see how bad the situation was. Several families lost their houses, things, and all other valuable belongings.

One thing I noticed when I moved down from our company bus as we are advised to go out from the car by the driver 'cause it wont be possible to pass by the street, the
exit signs of the the said building is too poor. There were several rescuers who are on the process of saving the lives of those people who are being trapped in the top of the building. Sad to noticed that some people don't care about the valuability of exit signs until such worst situation comes only then they realized that it is indeed important.

Lately, I hear a news aired in one of the largest telecomms here in UAE the place was abandone for a day and probably early tomorrow the traffic system will be on normal mode. So, far nobody dies but some has a minimal injuries due to hurry evacuation.

Step on It: Pedestrians to Generate Electricity

That's the view of many people in the energy business these days, especially in the field of alternative energy. One method of generating electricity getting a further test these days involves good old-fashioned footpower.

Engineers in Toulouse, France, have installed a series of specially designed paving slabs containing micro-sensors. When people walk on the slabs, the micro-sensors absorb the energy created and store it in a battery. The energy is then transferred to the main power grid.

The number of slabs in the trial isn't large, but it is enough to produce 30 watts of electricity, which city officials say is sufficient to keep the street lights on for a time. That might sound like a small-scale test, and it is. Scientists, however, are after a much larger application. With so much attention these days focused on renewable energy and shrinking levels of fossil fuels, energy aficionados are more and more looking for newer and better ways to make and store energy. And it's the storage that's the key for many scientists.

Some see large benefits in a solar energy-like approach to the footpower-produced energy. The number of people walking on those sidewalks and over those specially designed paving slabs will be much higher during the day than at night. Rather than just streaming the energy in real time from the micro-sensors to the power plant, scientists are aiming to use the built-in batteries to hold on to the energy until it's needed – at night, when it's dark and the need for energy is a bit higher than in the daytime.

This isn't a new idea. A dance floor of a London nightclub had such under-floor sensors at one time. So did a subway station in Tokyo.

The Shibuya station was particularly noteworthy because it is one of the busiest stations in the
world: Every day, more than 900,000 people pass through the station. Special mats were installed at an entrance to the station, and signs and an advertising campaign got the word out that people could vote with their feet for the new method of generating electricity.

French sidewalks aren't the only pavement being used for such testing, either. A similar experiment is going on in Israel, where a half-mile strip of road near Tel Aviv has been outfitted with sensors designed to capture energy created by vehicles overhead. That project is expected to operate on a much larger scale, with anticipated energy enough to power 40 houses on a daily basis, according to Innowattech, the company in charge of the project.

Traveling Facts...

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Talents from within...

Every person is gifted with skills and talents. He/She might not know their talents yet but later on as they indulge their selves into several activities it is then they'll find out that they knew how to do the particular things specifically they had the talents already they just don't knew that they possess it.

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Sports as Social Studies

Sports are an important part of just about every society, every country, every part of our planet. In one way or another, everyone is involved in sports or some sort, whether they're playing or watching or just know someone who does either.

Sports come in many sizes. Golf is an individual sport. Even though golfers play on the same course, they are really competing against one another only with their scores. Unlike tennis, in which one player must beat the other to finish a match, golf features each player against every other player, with the one who takes the fewest strokes to sink the ball into 18 holes declared the winner.

Baseball, basketball, and soccer are team sports. Teams of five, seven, and nine square off against each other, with team members helping each other to win as a team.

Sports are played for fun or for money (or sometimes both). Just about every sport has both professionals (those who compete for money) and amateurs (those who compete not for money). Many amateurs who are really good at their sport become professionals.

Sports bring people together and also set people apart. They bring together in that a team (usually professional but sometimes college or amateur) can inspire many fans to cheer for that team. And each team has its own set of fans. So, when two teams compete against each other or two individual athletes go at each other, the fan base is divided in two. Such classic rivalries as Yankees-Red Sox in baseball and Lakers-Celtics in basketball can last for years and years and years, with fan traditions being passed on from generation to generation.

Sports feature every part of social studies in one way or another:

* Geography: In order to compete against others in your sport, you as an athlete usually have to travel at least a little bit in order to make that competition happen. You are changing your geography when you do this, and your fans who follow you (either literally or figuratively) are also expanding their knowledge of geography. If you are a tennis fan, you learn what cities the Grand Slam tournaments are in (Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon, and New York). Also, people who live in wintry climates (like Scandinavia) usually do better in winter sports. For example, Norwegians and Swedens usually do very well at the Winter Olympics.

* Economics: Sports cost money, from the athletes, from the fans who watch them, and from the people who make those athletic contests possible. Many professional athletes make millions of dollars every year; others make only a few thousand. Amateur athletes don't get paid when they win, but somebody has to make places available to stage those amateur contests and the athletes have to spend money to travel to those contests.

* History: Every sport has a history of some sort. Passionate fans remember lots of their favorite sport's history. Baseball especially has a long history, full of amazing feats and a whole lot of numbers. Many people can remember the last time the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl (1996) a lot better than they can when the Constitution came into being (1781).

* Cultures: Sports often reflect the culture of the countries in which they are played. Countries like Kenya, with their wide open spaces and their culture that emphasizes walking and running, produce excellent long-distance runners, moreso than any other country.

* Archaeology: We can even find sports in archaeology. An example of this is archaeological evidence of the ancient ball games that the Mayas played in which they tried to throw a ball through a ring. Sound familiar? We now call something just like it basketball.

In many ways, sports define a society. They show what people are interested in watching other people do and what they will pay to see. They show how people can make a living by being athletic and entertaining other people. They give people ways to test their athletic skill against other people. Most of all, they give people something to focus on and follow that is a sort of release from the weighty cares of everyday life. By:

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Cooking Tips: Pork Afritada...

Just last night I cooked one of the Philippine Dish which is commonly cook by a lot of professional and local chefs in the Philippines. In fact, this was the very first I cooked this type of dish. I never thought that I could make some by just follwing the Cooking Tips I've found online. Here is the recipe and procedure of the said Dish I’m talking here..


750 g. of pork liempo (belly)
*You may also use the shoulder or rump
250 g. of stewing potatoes
2 carrots
2 red or green bell peppers
3-4 tomatoes
3/4 c. of frozen sweet peas, thawed
3/4 c. of tomato paste
2 c. of meat broth or water
6 tbsps. of olive oil
1 whole garlic
2 large onions
2 bay leaves
salt and pepper

Cooking procedure :

Cut the pork into 2 x 2 inch cubes.

Peel and finely mince the garlic. Coarsely chop the tomatoes.

Heat the olive oil in a thick-bottomed casserole. When hot, add the pork cubes and cook over high heat until the edges start to brown. The pork will initially expel water. Just keep the heat up until the mixture dries up and the pork starts to render fat. Then cook the pork in the mixture of fat and oil until the edges start to brown. At this point, you can pour off the fat.

Add the garlic, tomatoes, bay leaves and tomato paste to the pork and stir well. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in the meat broth and water, stir, cover and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the rest of the vegetables. Peel the carrots and potatoes and cut into wedges. Peel the onions and cut into chunks. Core and seed the bell peppers and dice.

Add the vegetables to the stew. Stir well. Cover and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes or until the meat and vegetables are done. Add more broth or water if necessary. Add only about half a cup each time to avoid thinning the sauce. Adjust the seasonings. Finally, add the sweet peas and simmer for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Let stand for 10 minutes to infuse the flavors.

Serve hot.

Try it for you to proved how good Philippine dish is! Enjoy the recipe everyone!

No survivors found in WV mine

The vigil for four missing miners caught in the deadliest U.S. mine accident in 40 years ended early Saturday when searchers reached their bodies. "We did not receive the miracle we prayed for," West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin.

Monday afternoon a major explosion at the Upper Big Branch coal mine in Raleigh County killed 29 and injured two other miners.

Faith-based organizations have been active in the community since the blast. On Monday seven United Methodist pastors met with the families of many of the victims and both the West Virginia Council of Churches and United Methodist Bishop Ernest Lyght were amongst church organizations issuing prayers for the families. The Council of Churches has established a fund for the families of the victims.

Other area churches organized prayer vigils. Sundail Assembly of God in Montcoal was amongst the local churches inviting prayer.

“While nobody from our congregation was in the mine, many had friends who were,” said Glenna Bailey, the church’s secretary. “You either work in the mines or you know people who do.”

“This is all very sad… there is a lot of prayer going on right now,” she added.

Local store owners were also reeling from the disaster. Margaret White works at the Country General store, just a few miles from the mine.

“I see the men that work there every day. I know what kind of biscuit they want,” she told a WV television station. “I can't believe this happened. They all knew me by name, even if I didn't know theirs.”

The mine, owned by Massey Energy Company of Richmond Virginia, has been the scene of a number of safety violations in recent years.

Frustrations grew as recuers continued to find ways to reach the missing miners and Massey CEO Don Blankenship, was escorted into a press conference by a dozen police officers. While he spoke, people yelled at him for caring more about money than miners’ wellbeing.

“We want answers, we want them today, we’re very, very upset,” said Michelle McKinney, who lost her 62-year-old fatherin the blast. “They’re a big company, why did I have to find out from news reports that he died?”

The cause of the blast remains unknown, however; safety officials said the mine has a history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. The accident rate at the mine has been higher than the national average in seven of the last 10 years.

In mines, giant fans are used to keep methane gas concentrations below certain levels. It is difficult to detect without help, as it is both colorless and odorless. If concentrations are allowed to build up, the gas can explode with a spark that is similar to the static charge created by walking across a carpet in winter. This also happened in 2006, in the Sago Mine in West Virginia, where 12 miners died in a methane explosion.

The U.S. Department of Labor announced a probe into the accident. "Twenty-five hardworking men died unnecessarily in a mine Monday," said Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. "The very best way we can honor them is to do our job. MSHA's investigation team is committed to finding out what happened, and we will take action."

This explosion is the deadliest mine disaster in the United States since 197, when 38 people died in a coal dust blast near near Hyden, Ky. By: BY JIM SKILLINGTON AND SANDIE GARCIA

Car Connections

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How are Hurricanes Created?

The birth of a hurricane requires at least three conditions. First, the ocean waters must be warm enough at the surface to put enough heat and moisture into the overlying atmosphere to provide the potential fuel for the thermodynamic engine that a hurricane becomes. Second, atmospheric moisture from sea water evaporation must combine with that heat and energy to form the powerful engine needed to propel a hurricane. Third, a wind pattern must be near the ocean surface to spirals air inward. Bands of thunderstorms form, allowing the air to warm further and rise higher into the atmosphere. If the winds at these higher levels are relatively light, this structure can remain intact and grow stronger: the beginnings of a hurricane!

Often, the feature that triggers the development of a hurricane is some pre-existing weather disturbance in the tropical circulation. For example, some of the largest and most destructive hurricanes originate from weather disturbances that form as squall lines over Western Africa and subsequently move westward off the coast and over warm water, where they gradually intensify into hurricanes.

Hurricane winds in the northern hemisphere circulate in a counterclockwise motion around the hurricane's center or "eye," while hurricane winds in the southern hemisphere circulate clockwise.

The eye of a hurricane is relatively calm. It is generally 20 to 30 miles wide (the hurricane istself may extend outward 400 miles). The most violent activity takes place in the area immediately around the eye, called the "eyewall". At the top of the eyewall (up to 50,000 feet), most of the air is propelled outward, increasing the air's upward motion. Some of the air, however, moves inward and sinks into the eye, creating a cloud-free area.

Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
TRMM view of Hurricane Susan Hurricanes are huge heat engines, converting the warmth of the tropical oceans and atmosphere into wind and waves. The heat dissipates as the system moves toward the poles, sometimes causing a great deal of hardship for people living along the vulnerable coastlines.

NASA scientists are using the TRMM satellite to understand which parts of a hurricane produce rainfall and why. In addition, TRMM may answer the question of how much latent heat or "fuel" hurricanes release into the atmosphere and whether they affect global weather patterns.

Most importantly to people endangered by hurricanes, TRMM will add to the knowledge needed to improve computer-based weather modeling. With this data, meteorologists may be more able to precisely predict the path and intensity of these storms. By:

What a hyena's laugh tells...

The "giggle" made by spotted hyenas may encode information about age, dominance, and identity, say scientists from France and the U.S.

A team led by Frédéric Theunissen, from the University of California at Berkeley, and Nicolas Mathevon, from the Université Jean Monnet at St. Etienne, France, recorded the calls of 26 hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) in captivity in a field station at Berkeley. They found that variations in the giggles' pitch and timbre may help hyenas to establish social hierarchies, they reported this week in the open-access journal BMC Ecology.

Said Theunissen: "The hyena's laugh (listen here) gives receivers cues to assess the social rank of the emitting individual. This may allow hyenas to establish feeding rights and organize their food-gathering activities."

The researchers found that while the pitch of the giggle reveals a hyena's age, variations in the frequency of notes can encode information about dominant and subordinate status, BioMed Central, publisher of BMC Ecology said. "These vocalizations are mainly produced during food contests by animals that are prevented from securing access to a kill, and have been considered a gesture of submission," BioMed explained in a news statement.

"Theunissen and colleagues also suggest that the giggle may be a sign of frustration and that it may be intended to summon help," BioMed added.

"Lions often eat prey previously killed by hyenas. A solitary hyena has no chance when confronted by a lion, whereas a hyena group often can 'mob' one or two lions and get their food back. Giggles could therefore allow the recruitment of allies. Cooperation and competition are everyday components of a hyena's life," Theunissen said.

"When hearing a giggling individual, clan-mate hyenas could receive information about who is getting frustrated (in terms of individual identity, age, status) and decide to join the giggler, or conversely to ignore it or move away."

The researchers plan to further test these hypotheses with playback experiments in the field. By:

Impact of Chiropractic Care...

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Blind Snakes Discovered

The genes of a newfound snake family suggest blind snakes lived on the island of Madagascar since, well, before it was an island.

The discovery is helping to decode how these rarely seen—and barely seeing, though not completely blind—snakes came to colonize much of the planet.

Growing to about a foot (30 centimeters) long, blind snakes act a lot like worms, burrowing under the surface of every continent except Antarctica. Unlike worms, though, blind snakes have backbones and tiny scales.

"Continental drift had a huge impact on blind snake evolution by separating populations from each other as continents moved apart," said study co-leader Nicolas Vidal, of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris.

Now considered part of Africa, Madagascar split from what's now India about 94 million years ago. (Learn about plate tectonics.)

Since then, the blind snakes on Madagascar have changed enough to give rise to a whole new family, added Penn State biologist Blair Hedges, the study's other co-leader.

(Related: "Biggest Snake Photos: Prehistoric Giant Discovered.")

Blind Snakes Break Free of "Indigascar"

Blind snake fossils are nearly nonexistent, so their evolutionary history has been a mystery.

But by comparing five genes from 96 far-flung blind snake species, the researchers were able to create a map of the snakes' evolutionary family tree.

Using estimated time frames for genetic mutation, the team was able to estimate when the different species had arisen.

The wormlike snakes first appeared on the southern supercontinent Gondwana (see a map of Earth during this time), the team says.

As Gondwana split apart, the blind snakes were isolated to what the researchers call Indigascar—a landmass including what are now India and Madagascar.

Relatively soon after the split, the newly recognized family arose, genetic data suggest.

(Related: "Snake Ancestors Lost Limbs on Land, Study Says.")

Mystery of Blind Snakes' Spread

After the "Indigascar" split, blind snakes somehow migrated far beyond India and Madagascar.

The snakes mysteriously appeared in Australia some 28 million years ago, for example—a period during which no land connections existed to that continent.

And African and South American blind snake lineages apparently separated only 63 million years ago. That's some 40 million years after Africa and South America split up, so moving landmasses can't have caused the later evolutionary divide.

So how did the snakes hop continents?

With continental drift—and of course, flight—ruled out, "you can see that dispersal over ocean waters had to have occurred for these snakes to get to Australia and also to colonize South America and the Caribbean islands,” Hedges said.

In other words, the snakes went rafting, crossing oceans aboard floating vegetation stocked with their insect prey. (Related: "Mammals 'Rafted' to Madagascar, Climate Model Suggests.")

"Some scientists have argued that oceanic dispersal is an unlikely way for burrowing organisms to become distributed around the world," Hedges said in a statement.

"Our data now reinforce the message that such 'unlikely' events nonetheless happened in evolutionary history." By: Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News

A revealing and guarded Tiger Woods

AUGUSTA, Ga. – The latest episode in the Tiger Woods soap opera went down Monday – a 35-minute pre-Masters press conference where Woods was both more revealing than we’ve seen and as guarded as ever.

Woods was in a jovial mood at times during his press conference at Augusta, but he likely wasn't aware plenty of fans spent the day telling each other Tiger jokes.
(Harry How/Getty Images)

He handled his first free-for-all questioning since his November car wreck turned sex scandal with confidence and aplomb. People’s base reaction will probably depend on the perception they brought to the table – for some it was more than enough, for others it was nothing but another performance by a known liar.

Whatever. For almost everyone, the Tiger Woods saga has been nothing more than comedic entertainment – a spectacular personal crash of a rich, famous guy who admits he lost touch with reality.

Who didn’t enjoy watching a near-billionaire who tips poorly and sells himself as a perfect family man get his comeuppance; especially when it’s replete with a cast of characters, allegations, wild text messages and panicked voice mails? What, you didn’t try to imitate his ”huge, quickly” voice on Jaimee Grubbs’ phone?

Tiger has provided plenty of fun on Sunday afternoons but our culture never enjoyed him more than the last five months of late-night stand-up material. Feel bad for his wife and kids, but don’t act like this is somehow actually important. Or you haven’t enjoyed this. We should be better than this, but we aren’t. Can anyone enter a Perkins again without making some Tiger crack?

Is he telling the truth now? Is he a changed man? You’d have to be a fool to say one way or the other. There were times Monday he showed both.

You could sense his pain when, unprompted, he discussed the misery of missing his son’s first birthday because he was in a rehabilitation clinic.

”That hurts,” Woods said. ”That hurts a lot. I vowed I would never miss another one after that. I can’t go back to where I was.”

Sitting 10 feet from him, he looked incredibly pained and sincere. Then again he compared this scandal to the death of his father in 2006 and the birth of his two children in 2007 and 2009.

”When I went through that period when my father was sick and my father passed away, it put things in perspective real quick,” he said. ”And when my kids were born, again, it put it in perspective. And then what I’ve done here, it puts it in perspective; it’s that it’s not about championships. It’s about how you live your life.”

Well, the first two “putting things in perspectives” didn’t change how he lived his life. So why would this one?

It doesn’t matter to me. And it shouldn’t to you. Whether Tiger spends his nights in solemn prayer or trying to wear someone out is irrelevant.

Woods owes his wife and kids an apology. He owes his mother an apology, mostly for humiliating her at that February speech. He owes various hotel housekeeping crews an apology for various ungodly acts.

Other than that, he’s given more than the media and public deserves. His question and answer session was just more of it, moving the story along so he can get back to playing golf. If you believe he’s all bad or all good, it says more about you than him.

Tiger’s confidence in answering certain questions often revealed more than the actual words. He had no fear in explaining, in detail, his relationship with Canadian doctor Anthony Galea who is under investigation for providing athletes with performance enhancing drugs. He launched into a 200-word answer and later handled follow-ups and said he was willing to cooperate with the FBI.

He came across as someone with nothing to hide.

On the other hand, he grew defiant and curt when pressed on the specifics of his November car wreck.

Did Ambien play a role in the car crash, he was asked at one point? ”You were described by the witnesses as mumbling, snoring, obviously sockless and according to the police hospital record, you were admitted as a possible overdose?”

”Well, the police investigated the accident and they cited me 166 bucks and it’s a closed case,” he said tightly.

So, yeah, it seems like Ambien may have played a role in the car crash.

If you were looking for the state of the Woods marriage, he didn’t reveal anything definitive, only saying sharply that Elin would not be in Augusta. Later he said convincingly, ”I want to be a part of my son’s life and my daughter’s life going forward.”

His wife’s life wasn’t mentioned.

He was asked how a champion known for his intense preparation and attention to detail could be so sloppy and reckless with all the text messages and voice mails. He could muster only an, ”I don’t know” before changing the subject.

For Woods, winning the press conference was accomplished by simply answering the questions. At this point, nothing worse can be said about him. As with any scandal, time has helped heal many wounds. He looked and sounded good.

The most telling development of Monday was that Tiger was fairly well received by the fans. There was a nervous silence at 8:05 a.m. when Woods hit the first tee, no one, including Woods, seemingly knowing what to say. By the second tee there was a smattering of polite applause. By the fourth hole it was what could be considered light cheers, albeit with many abstaining from showing any emotion. By the end, Woods was joking with some fans.

If he wins this weekend, the place will be pandemonium. If he shoots 15-over and misses the cut, almost everyone will laugh. That’s the life he’s made. All over the course Monday fans told Tiger jokes to each other.

”I’m not going to boo him but I’m not going to cheer him,” said fan Jim Clark, a 59-year-old from Shelbyville, Tenn.

That’s probably the best advice out there.

Cheer the athlete. Cheer the one-liners his affairs have provided us. Cheer the sheer entertainment.

Just don’t fall into a trap of hating Tiger Woods or unconditionally loving Tiger Woods. Or believing him. Or not believing him. We know more about Tiger now than we did a year ago. But no one knows what the next episode of this soap opera will bring. By: Dan Wetzel Yahoo Sport

NHCL Requires Restaurants To Post Calorie Information

They are no one’s idea of a dainty snack. Yet many people delight in a hamburger-and-fries combo, a honkin’ steak sandwich and other pound-packers. They can’t help themselves. But if people really knew what they were eating in terms of calories, would they desist from such gut-busters and make healthier choices?

Advocates of a new federal mandate are betting on it.

Beginning next year, restaurant patrons will see a new item on their menus and drive-through signs: Calorie counts alongside the food they order.

The change is being driven by a provision with big implications in the nation’s recently passed health care overhaul. It requires restaurant chains with 20 or more restaurants to post calorie information on their menus and drive-through signs. The measure will affect a number of restaurants in the Rochester area, among them are Red Lobster, McDonald’s, Olive Garden and Denny’s.

Nutritionists see the requirement as the equivalent of highway speeding signs: A warning that there are consequences to that special sauce-slathered burger or deep-fried onion.

Fitness Goal...

Every year, millions of people set health and fitness goals and they tend to be the same, namely, the everlasting search for long lean muscles, less body fat, more energy, flexibility… 2010 is no different and has already ushered in three “new” fitness techniques and products that are hoping to one-up 2009’s international successes with efficiency.


This is going after the female Zumba crowd. Originating in Canada, Bellyfit classes are women-only and are split into two sections. The first half is a melange of cardio dance including: belly dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, and African dance. The class then focuses on core strengthening and mind-body with various movements from Pilates, yoga and mudra meditation.

Bellyfit is actively training health and fitness professionals in Canada to expand Bellyfit to a gym near you.

Body by Science

This is the ultimate American invention promising complete body fitness in only 12 minutes a week. Doug McGuff, M.D., co-author of Body by Science and emergency room physician, created a research-based program for strength training, bodybuilding and complete fitness. The entire program requires rethinking everything you thought you knew about health, fitness and the science of your body.

Ultimate resistance training, slow movements, heavy weights, push you to your limits for exactly 12 minutes. According to Dr. McDuff, the 12-minute limit is not a marketing ploy, it is all the body can take.


The ViPR (Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) created in England boasts that it is the Swiss Army knife of exercise tools with the ability to integrate into 9,000 different exercises. Many are demonstrated on YouTube and

Proponents claim it can replace the barbell, dumbbell, Kettlebell, stability ball, medicine ball, balance device and speed ladder.

Some British trainers have said the ViPR offers a whole body workout in the same vein as The Power Plate.

Aid for serious back pain...

One of the constant challenges we face in this fast paced business world is the lack of flexibility in our time to take care of ourselves. We tend to use up all the resources we have and forget self-care. Yet, in all of this we cannot hide the fact that we encounter some issues that will also affect the business we conduct. It's the fact that we work so hard to respond to all the needs of every day at such a highly paced and busy rate that creates a serious negative impact not just on the business matters in themselves, but also on the health of people. Supporting people's health requires that top management know the basic things that their employees need. What are those basic things? Well, let me cite "serious back pain" as an example. How does this affect the performance of employees? Well, definitely an employee can't work if they do experience back pain. Yes! They might be just sitting there and typing something, answering phone calls, and doing some other related job duties. Little do they know, that serious back pain will arise if an employee is not supported or even informed properly as to how he must sit or act exactly to avoid a situation of worsening pain. Top management should provide proper training for their employees about "serious back pain" prevention. To accomplish this care of their staff they can ask the help of a Des Moines chiropractor to provide training and information on how they can prevent painful situations. In doing this their employees can do their job better with more productivity,and as much as possible. Nonetheless, in searching for chiropractic Des Moines you will come across Dr. Hassel who provides a wide variety of help regarding prevention and treatment of serious back pain. If some of you are searching for back pain relief then I think you can consider this chiropractor Des Moines as he and his Chiropractic Family Clinic provide comprehensive information and strategies offered online and in person to you and your employees.

Smart Phone: Introduction of BlackBerry 9650

New smart phone is on its way to the market. The handset vendor already announced that the BlackBerry Tour 9650 was on its way to the market, and that it shouldn’t be too long before it made an appearance on shelves, but nothing specific has been unveiled until now. However, a recent article on BGR suggests that May is the time frame when the Tour2 will be released, and also that it should include PTT capabilities.

At the same time, the news site also suggests that the BlackBerry Tour 9650 might actually be launched as the BlackBerry Bold 9650. Manufacturer chose to change the branding of the new phone from Tour to Bold because the original device landed only last fall on the market, and that users might not see the release of an upgraded device with good eyes.

Besides the hardware refresh that RIM plans for Tour, it seems that a new operating system flavor is also set to soon be launched in the wild. According to the news, those interested in benefiting from the functionality will be able to do so for only $5 per month. Since the release is expected to take place soon, additional details on the matter might be close too, so stay tuned for more.

Adventure games...

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Tips for a sore throat...

If your in pain on your throat just try this simple yet very helpful tips...

1. Drink 4 to 6 glasses of water per day. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol. Avoid very hot drinks and sugary colas because they can irritate your throat’s delicate membranes.

2. A hot cup of water with 2 teaspoons of honey and the juice of half of a lemon is very effective. The honey soothes, and the citrus of the lemon kills germs.

3. Add 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water. Gargle a mouthful, spit it out and then swallow a mouthful. Repeat until the liquid is gone. Both the warm water and the vinegar will kill the germs infecting your throat.

Confessions of Shopaholic...

Well, this goes totally for me! LOL Saw this over eHow and have to post it here. After all, this is a VERY helpful tips! Ladies, listen up!

1. Consider the Economy a Sign to Slow Down

When the national economy reports are optimistic, it is easy to feel like you are serving your country by contributing to it. And you may feel like the economy needs you to help it thrive during the recession. Either way, shopping is not worth putting yourself into overwhelming debt, and there are ways to get what you need without going overboard.

If you tend to overspend, remind yourself about the economy and the need to be conservative. After all, you never know when a source of income could be cut off–and if it is, you want to make sure that you have enough money for the basics.

2. Identify Your Emotions

Whether you are mad, excited, happy, or just plain bored–these are all emotions that can trigger you to overspend. Before you set out to shop, think about how you are feeling. Often times, you may still be able to enjoy shopping if you set a limit for yourself. You can also go without your wallet and make the drive back if you feel you really want something. Overshopping cannot fill an emotional hole, even though it may seem like it does at the time.

Otherwise, avoid shopping due to these emotions, or you could be buying things you do not want, need–or even like!

3. Think About Your Underlying Needs

If you are lonely, you may go shopping just to be around other people–maybe even talking to the cashier helps. This is the type of underlying need, that if you can identify, you can satisfy in another way. Once you think about the reasons why you shop, you can likely find other ways to satisfy those needs. Or maybe you can real lot money and spend it more smartly; if you get frustrated at work, hit the gym afterward instead of the mall. It’s much more beneficial!

4. Utilize Alternatives

Once you identify the reasons for your shopaholicism and recognize the underlying needs, it’s time to start meeting those needs without a credit card. If you’re angry, work off your anger or resolve the issue instead of hitting Macy’s. If you are anxious, try taking a walk to calm down or do some journaling. These are wonderful alternatives that can help you break the overspending habit. You will be able to shop and regain your love of shopping–in a more healthy way–once you stop buying mindlessly.

5. Connect With Others

Plenty of people overshop–there are about 17 million Americans that cannot resist the urge, according to studies. Similarly, there are tons of resources to help you connect with others to find support and identify ways to curb your spending. Visit a site like to help resist the urge