Fitness Goal...

Every year, millions of people set health and fitness goals and they tend to be the same, namely, the everlasting search for long lean muscles, less body fat, more energy, flexibility… 2010 is no different and has already ushered in three “new” fitness techniques and products that are hoping to one-up 2009’s international successes with efficiency.


This is going after the female Zumba crowd. Originating in Canada, Bellyfit classes are women-only and are split into two sections. The first half is a melange of cardio dance including: belly dance, Bollywood, Bhangra, and African dance. The class then focuses on core strengthening and mind-body with various movements from Pilates, yoga and mudra meditation.

Bellyfit is actively training health and fitness professionals in Canada to expand Bellyfit to a gym near you.

Body by Science

This is the ultimate American invention promising complete body fitness in only 12 minutes a week. Doug McGuff, M.D., co-author of Body by Science and emergency room physician, created a research-based program for strength training, bodybuilding and complete fitness. The entire program requires rethinking everything you thought you knew about health, fitness and the science of your body.

Ultimate resistance training, slow movements, heavy weights, push you to your limits for exactly 12 minutes. According to Dr. McDuff, the 12-minute limit is not a marketing ploy, it is all the body can take.


The ViPR (Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) created in England boasts that it is the Swiss Army knife of exercise tools with the ability to integrate into 9,000 different exercises. Many are demonstrated on YouTube and

Proponents claim it can replace the barbell, dumbbell, Kettlebell, stability ball, medicine ball, balance device and speed ladder.

Some British trainers have said the ViPR offers a whole body workout in the same vein as The Power Plate.

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