Accident Exits...

Got some points to share with you about my recent encounter this morning when I was about to go work. I used to woke early around 5:00 am in the morning as I need to catch our company bus who were passing through my accommodation around 6:05. I thought it was just a normal day I used to have waiting our bus and cathing up with some of my colleagues at work who were riding with me too in the bus. But when we are about to reach the Airport Road (Abu Dhabi, UAE) to catch some of my colleagues who been waiting for a while I wondering why is it that its too traffic already well in fact, it was not used to be like that during that particular time. There were still few cars who are hitting the road to come to the office as early as possible.

But this morning is quite a surprise for me! Around 20 meters away from Airport Road I could see that several people are running back and forth. I don't know what's going on so I stood up and consiously watching what was happening over there and to my surprise there's a fire in one of the department store in the said street. When we almost reach the street where the incident area is located I could see how bad the situation was. Several families lost their houses, things, and all other valuable belongings.

One thing I noticed when I moved down from our company bus as we are advised to go out from the car by the driver 'cause it wont be possible to pass by the street, the
exit signs of the the said building is too poor. There were several rescuers who are on the process of saving the lives of those people who are being trapped in the top of the building. Sad to noticed that some people don't care about the valuability of exit signs until such worst situation comes only then they realized that it is indeed important.

Lately, I hear a news aired in one of the largest telecomms here in UAE the place was abandone for a day and probably early tomorrow the traffic system will be on normal mode. So, far nobody dies but some has a minimal injuries due to hurry evacuation.

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