Thoughts of my Heart...

Having been through ups and downs…Near and far…Good times and bad times…Break ups and commitments still we are one. Its been 2 and a half years already have passed when I met her in my alma mater. She seem to be so innocent then. But as we grow together though its been a quite long time already that we been so far away from each other ’cause I really have to find my destiny still she’s there to support me along my way. Even if we been to several break ups already still we haven’t separate our ways ’cause there’s one thing that merely binds us. Its what they often called “LOVE”. I don’t know yet right now to were our relationship would be but one thing I know is that as we grow far from each other and just being connected through emails I found out that we both still hold in our dreams that somehow we are meant to be. I guess, what we have experiencing is just part of life realities that basically focusing the sacred and essential feelings of human beings.

As a conclusion, people can make his/her own choice if they stand out on their own eet and be the best as they can. If they choose to stay then so be it. But if they choose to leave then come what may. It was just a matter of choice. What you believe is good then do it but if it goes wrong learn from it. It is where we use to become a wholesome person.

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11:39 AM

Such a universal theme. Nice thought.