Delayed Result...

Its almost 2 weeks now I been waiting for the result in my Japanese Visa application. In fact, just last Wednesday I call the agency t o follow up the current status of my application they just told me that it has no result yet since, they just lodge my application last Monday. So, I still have to wait again but I ask the woman on the phone if is it possible that the result will came out next week and she just told me that she's not yet sure since, normally it take 10 to 15 days before the result will came out. I was abet disappointed 'cause I'm really eager to know the result since, my Brod-In-Law is leaving to Chicago, USA by Saturday which means to say that My Sis and his two little boys will be left at Tokyo. Thats quite hassle for my Sis. Even I wanted to to help her out but I can't since, I was not yet granted with Japanese Visa. I just do hope that the result will came out this week and God will grant me this second opportunity to come back to Tokyo, Japan. He know my purpose of going back there. Please help me too guys!

For now, have to wait for the result to arrive. Wish me luck guys!... Have a great day everyone!

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