Controversial Crisis here in the Philippines...

Philippines is one of the best country I’ve known since this is my country were I build up my dreams and aspirations that I wanted to fulfill. A place were I wanted to die for! Philippines has everything to offer you from scenic views, accommodations, culture, customs, practices, were even hospitality of every Filipinos. Filipinos is known to be hospitable wherever they are or maybe. They maybe here in our country nor in other countries all over the world still Filipinos is known for that except for those Filipinos who doesn’t claim that they are a Filipino. Shame on them!

In this present situation, Philippines has faced to a most controversial crisis were the most controversial people that are being linked is the government officials. Specifically, the President of the Philippines. Actually, I’m not really into politics and even don’t want to discuss about politics but as concern citizen of this country I ended up to make this article. Issues there, here, everywhere were the most controversial person that are being discuss is the President. I know that I don’t have the right to judge what she can do for our country. I even don’t have the right to question her power to govern our country. I also knew what are those contributions and projects she have done for the benefit of all. But I just got one little concern about her leadership. I know she deserves to lead the country but why is it I keep hearing those words to impeach her specifically this very moment? Why did most government officials are saying that she was the head of all this controversies that the country are facing right now? One specific controversy that the country is facing right now is still CORRUPTIONS. Even way back before CORRUPTION is always the issue. Too bad! When will I hear that Philippines is growing up? When will be the right time that Philippines will be recognized as one of the successful country? Too many questions but never been answered ’cause there are so many government officials who are corrupt and gambler.

Come on Philippines grow up! I shame those officials who are just serving the country for their own good! Officials who are selfish! Shame on you all! May you find the true happiness you been looking for but I doubt if you can find it. May you be blessed with more blessing despite the fact that you are selfish. May you find the success you want though I know your still not satisfied even if you already have it. I just hope that Philippines will recover from all this crisis. And may those young innocent children will be safe from any harm and danger. Grow up Philippines!

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