Opening your World to Mobile Multimedia...

Mobile phones that has a built-in multimedia is absolutely rampant nowadays! In fact, many of us now using it for our own specific purpose. I'm featuring now one of the Nokia's phone that is totally out in the market already. Focusing on the richness of mobile life, the Nokia N71 provides its users with a simple and reliable way to top into new multimedia experiences. An elegantly designed compact fold with a high definition 2.4" QVGA display, the Nokia N71 enhances the user experience by providing versatile entertainment and enhanced Web browsing capabilities in addition to the rich Nokia NSeries multimedia feature set.

With the browsing experience accentuated by its huge high resolution color display (320 X 240 pixel, up to 262,144 colors), the Nokia N71 supports the new Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map. Featuring a semi-transparent zoomed-out overall view of the Web page, users can quickly orient themselves and intuitively navigate to all corners of the site as well as see the Web pages as it was originally designed. Furthermore, the new browser enables RSS feeds, so users can subscribe to their favorite Websites and receive regular updates.

The Nokia N71 makes keeping on top of busy work and social life easy. Thanks to the latest 3G technology, people can enjoy fast connection speeds, ideal for sending E-mails with attachments, browsing the Internet or uploading favorite images to share online with friends.

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