Fridays Best: Page Rank Issue...

Yikes! This is one of the best day ever I receive since, my page ranks has back though its not that quite so high but I'm still thankful for it 'cause after how many months of waiting for my rank to be back its now granted it to me again! Thanks God!

But actually, I still got a dilemma about Page Rank. A few months back when my sites has no ranks because I do a paid post. I admit! Its pretty obvious and I guess, its not just me who are doing this but what bothers me is during that time I still spot a lot of bloggers who also do paid post but still they got there Page Rank? Isn't it biased? Google only knows about the ranking but how come a site who has a lesser traffic and and back links while also do paid post has got a rank? What a heck! I admit that its unfair though my rank is back but how about those other bloggers? Will they also got a rank after a how many months? Oh! common!

From the word it self " PAGE RANK " ...It simply tells you the rank of your site, its popularity and back links. We all knew that but, what a heck happened after you'll be granted for a page rank of 3 on first quarter, month will passed it will be taken away! And on the second quarter your rank is back but its now only page rank 2? How does it happened? You came from 3 and goes down to 2? How did they rate it? You expect to rank it higher on the following update 'cause you do all the ways and means just to garner good traffic and several thousands of back links but why is it that it will certainly goes down? Definitely embarrassing!

Well, I just live it to Google. Its just really unfair! The word itself "PAGE RANK" doesn't show the real essence and meaning of it!

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4:44 AM

Hi, good article, we too are waiting following some major optimisation for our google page rank to increase. Hope its worth the wait.