"The Perfect Day..."

Hello world!...Are you aware that Philippines nowadays, is in crisis? Well, I guess, its not new to anybody else. But I guess, Filipinos are continuing to fight just to survive. Well anyway, despite of that reality, today is the "PERFECT DAY" I have!...You might wondering why? Well, in my past blogs I happened to discuss and to let anyone about my break-up with MY GIRL...Simultaneously, this day makes me PERFECT, to the fact that, she's MY GIRL again...In other words, were again COUPLE right now. After a month have passed and after all the heartaches that we both feel during our break-up we've realized all our faults and come up the right desicion to be together again. Since, we both still feel LOVE for each other. LOVE that conquers and bears all things even if were too far from each other we still strongly believe that LOVE will find a way.

Know what guyz, we been through a lot of hardships, struggles and pains already!...that may sound too familiar but its really true. We did'nt think that our relationship could reach this far. And I guess, were just too lucky enough to have this relationship works out! Basically as of now, were far from each other and because of that it makes us more braver and hold on to our dreams that somehow we will be in each others arms again. "LOVE IS FULL OF SURPRISES"...You just need to know how to dwell on it!.

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