When I'm down, when I'm blue,
You were always there to help me through,
You're not just an ordinary friend,
I'm sure your the right person I can depend.

You light up my life when my world turns into darkness,
How lucky I am to find a strong fortress,
You're work make's you always busy,
Moreover, I thank you for sparing a little time for me.

Nothing really matters everytime were together,
Because were always happy of what ever we share,
We treasure each and every moment,
I hope this would not lead to a feeling of resentment.

For of knowing you,
I realized I am falling for you,
I dont know how nor I don't why?
But God said "Son, don't be shy!",

I mean no harm in our friendship,
But I can never longer stand this hardships,
Now, what must I do?
I can't help my self from LOVING you,

If you can't see my LOVE right now,
I'll hope and pray that sooner or later,
You'll feel it somehow.

However, I still have one last question to ask you,
For I have now the courage because of you

BY: willstop

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