A year away from home!

Time travel so fast! I'm already 1 year already here in Abu Dhabi. My first time to spend a year away from home. I could still remember the first day I step this promising land and how I adjust the weather of this place, the people, the food, and everything else. And now, I can really say that I adjusted! Though its pretty hard and it took me sometime to adjust the attitudes of the people here but I managed to go along with them. Specially, at work my boss is Arab and some of my colleagues is Indians though there are few Filipinos but I can really say that its hard but I did it for good.

Right now, there's a lot of changes! I started as wireline operator and transferred to HSEQ Coordinator. The compensation is at risk. But I still accept it 'cause its better than nothing. Specially, my family is longing after me. Quiet boring sometimes but thanks God 'cause He gave friends whom I cherished now that I meet them here. They are all one of a kind. To mention few of them, Makoy who was there in my ups down. He turns to be my best friend here who keep reminding me that life is precious. He was such a wonderful person indeed. No words could explain how thankful I am to be part of his journey. Thanks Koy! To Kuya Lar, whom I just meet a month ago and never expect that there are people who are like him. A father, a brother, a friend, all rolled into one. He was the best package you can ever had. He shared a lot of his life who taught me to believed that life after all needs to be cherished and to be enjoyed. To some more guys I've meet just lately, who makes me feel that we are all in one journey who aims the best of everything thanks all.

There's so much to remember and to cherished for one whole year I've spent here in Abu Dhabi. But I guess, there's no need to elaborate more of it as it was all confidential and 1 day is not enough to share those thing. All I can say I'm grateful that I am here. I'm grateful that I experience those remarkable memories in my life. Wish me as I travel more in search for satisfaction.

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