Dedicated Hosting

Recently this day I am browsing the net to look for a reliable and affordable dedicated hosting for my blogs as I've decided to transfer all the hosting I have for my several blogs from the current provider I have now. The reason behind why I wanted to transfer the hosting of my blogs is I used to encounter server problem almost every hour and seldom everyday. I been hosting my blogs at them for a year already but suddenly I don't know what's going on after I received their short notice that there are some fall downs and changes on their servers as they are upgrading. I understand the fact that they are upgrading their servers but for almost 1 and half month now the problem was still the same. Server problem! I keep on emailing them what's going on? They keep telling me the same thing that they are about to fixed it. I couldn't count anymore how many times I sent them an email stating my problem on their servers. I was pissed off! I off at them already!

Because of that, this morning I keep on browsing the web to fine an affordable dedicated hosting for my blogs. When I used to google it, several searches will be displayed. Several hosting providers already exist. The least thing I do is I focused on their technical assistance, rate and customer service. I don't care how much will I pay as long as my sites will be live 24/7 that's fine with them. And thanks God 'cause I've found one already. With them I'm sure that all my sites will be accessed by all people around the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 30 days a month 365 days a year. Thanks guys for all the support!

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