Leave it for others...

There was this family of nine children. The father was the only earning member. Mother had to see that the meager resources were used in a way that none of her children starved or ended up deprived.

But that's not the high point of this story because families like this are not uncommon. Also not uncommon are the tales of struggle, perseverance, hard days and hungry nights. What's common is that we have all heard of such families and having heard, have also conveniently forgotten about them. But ask those who have grown up in such families and they'll tell you the most important rule they observed - leave something for the others too.

If it was meal time, those who were back home hungry soon. They deserved to eat their share, did they not? Every day, in every way, each individual in such a family used the resources keeping in mind the needs of others. And that was the only way to live because if you want to enjoy the same thing tomorrow, you need to ensure that you don't use up all of it today.

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