Dream Culinary Class...

Everyone can cook! Wherever you came from or whatever race you are as long as you have the passion to cook and let your cooked foods be your guiding light to inspire others. This is what I believed if we talk about cooking at its best. Ops! I'm not chef! I'm not even a cook at a small resto. I'm a cook by passion and by heart. I use to love looking when I reached age 13. Everytime my Mom and Granny cook I use to be with them. I watch every single recipe they use to prepare and how they cooked it. I keep asking several questions. Like, what type of food to cook? What re the receipe? How many minutes I have boil? Questions which leads me to knowing. I could still remember the first time I cook was a combination of sardines, egg and some recipes. It was a filipino food.

At first I was afraid to do so 'cause my Dad will be angry with me if I fail. He was watching me to cook and keep explaining what to do next. Thanks God he do have patience to guide me 'til I finished as my Mom was not there that time and I was the only elder Son who was left at home as my older sis and bro are in school. With me and my Dad was my younger bro and sissy. So I don't have a choice but to cook for us though my Dad can do so but I was afraid if I'll ask him to cook for us. So, instead of asking him to cook I ask him what to prepare and I'll be the one to cook. Well, all in all it turns out well..

I am 26 now. For the previous years of my life, there's one dream I want to pursue and that is attending private cooking class. Though by now, I learned several recipes to cook but not yet satisfied. My Thanks to my Mom and Granny who was my mentor in cooking and was always there to guide me. As well as to my Dad to in one way give me strength to believed on my self.

Actually, back then I was thinking about attending a
cooking classes Los Angeles but due to financial thing and my parents could not afford to sent me there so I ended up taking some other course whcih is still great and challenging. But my passion on cooking is still in my heart. My dream of culinary classes is still so fresh in my mind. I just simply love cooking. By heart and mind, I still want to pursue this passion in right time and in right place.

So, probably as for now I just have to fucos and save for my
cooking classes LA soon. I know someday I can achieved that plan. There's one saying state that, " never stop dreaming and keep believing on yourself that you can simply make a difference"... With that in mind, life is always challenging. Thanks to my family, friends and loved-one who keep supporting all the way up!

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