Additional Collection...

I been collecting several stuff for more than 4 years now. Stuff like coins, play cards, necklace, rubber bands and some other things. Some of my friends even my family sometimes will ask me why I'm doing it? I just simply replied them that its my passion and I love doing it. Some kind of weird sometimes to think that those stuff I have right now are nothing. Even my closest friend will definitely tell me somtimes that I'm crazy.

Well, I could not blame them for saying those words. They are free to express their feelings towards what I do. But of course, they do understand me in fact, they even give me some additional collections and just recently one of the closest whom I treat as my best friend who knows my whole package gave me some thing whom I didn't expect he will gave it to me. He just
buy gold eagle coins a while back last week. I knew it 'cause we were together when we bought that one. I even ask him the time he buy the coin for what? He just simply replied me for a collection like mine. I just simply nodded.

To my surprise, he bought it for me! Though he never give to me the day we bought it 'cause he just want me to be surprised. Well, I was really surprised indeed 'cause you know what the price is quite high! Well, he can afford it 'cause he got a bigger pay than mine. Thanks my friend!

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