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Recently, I been busy for some things realted to my current job. It was some kind of safety thing which is really boring. But of course I could not resist 'cause its my job and it requires my expertise on the said field. Oh! You guys might be wondering what type of job I had. Well, I'm actually a safety officer in one of the popular oil and gas here in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Back to scenario, actually had a mobilization a while back last week were I need to attend and check all the equipments before they will send it to the field. Boring but what should I do? Anyway, thanks to Internet Radio 'cause despite the busy week I had a work I still have time to check their site and listen the favorite music I love. You guys are really awesome 'cause even if I don't have a radio at the office but still thanksful 'cause I got the internet where I can access their site.

Well, its just too good to think that technology nowadays is pretty amazing 'cause due to unstopable human needs people continue to explore and make several inventions where it makes every people satisified. Just like this Talk Radio online. You know what, even if I'm so tired and I feel giving up on my job I just couldn't do it 'cause radio online makes me complete though. I know it was just some kind of songs and people who are talking on but its great to think that despite the hindrances you had at work you still have the freedom to do things together.

Anyhow, you guys must visit this Online Radio I've found, I swear you'll love it as much as I do. You can even make your own online radio show! Fantastic isn't it? So, check it for yourself!

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Shalini NR

1:30 PM

Really Nice to Hear You,Tamils love our Online Tamil FM for its fun and entertainment.