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A while back this week, my current rented flat is looking for a reliable plumbers as they are about the renovate the building which includes the service of the plumbers for every flats. Actually, the owner of the building is my one of my close friend her in Abu Dhabi. She was actually a filipina who happend to get married a local guy (emirate) and was able to raise a business in this country which includes the villa and flat rental, bakery, laundry shop, photos shop and a retail company for men and womens dress. We actually didn't meet before and I don't even know her until such time I decided to transfer in the said building I'm currently living were the owner is her. At first, I thought she was strict and a local woman 'cause she's actually wearing a local dress already as it was the law of the said country. That women who got to marry a local guy should abide and follow the customes, practices, traditions and religion on the guy. So, at first meet I was really surprised that she's talking "tagalog" laguage. I thought she just knew our national language but on the later part of the conversation she admitted that she was a filipina and finally I got to see a glimpse of her face. Oh! Yes, 'cause during the meeting her face is also covered with black silk.

From then on, when she used to visit the flat she use to pass by to my room and ask something if anything we need. She was really supportive to her borders and she provides everything we need. In fact, there was one time we really need a plumber to fixed the issues we had at the flat. Good thing was she provided it to us the folllowing day. But recently, as they were about to renovate the building she was asking if I know somebody who can help her fixed all the plumming issues in the said building 'cause the guy he send it to us before was gone already. I mean, he go for vacation in India.

During the conversation, I the only thing I told here is to try the plumbers in San Diego though I know it might cost her a little bet expensive as she needs to take the service from abroad but I explain it to here that its better to be sure than taking somebody who just pretend that they know how to do the job will in fact they couldn't. Aside from that, I also recommended her to try the carpet cleaners in San Diego 'cause their service is absolutely excellent as far as thei customers is concern. Probably, in the coming weeks this building I'm currently living will be under-constructions but we are not advice to leave the place as they only need to renovate the building by room.

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