Safety Trainings as an HSE

Holding the position of HSE Coordinator is somewhat an honor for me. This was actually my current position in my current company. Back then I used to be an ordinary employee who were just working paper works in a cubicle back in my native country Philippines. Oh! I was actually here in UAE right now for your info. You guys might be wondering why do I talk about about HSE. Well, without any further ado. This position requires to undergo several trainings. Some of it like First Aid CPR Training, Sea survival and some other safety trainings is indeed important specially you are focal person in-charge in case of emergency. Well, good thing about this position is I am given a chance to take several trainings that might possibly help me a lot in performaing my job. Aside from the training I've mention above I was now ask by my immediate HSE Manager if I am willing to undergo Lead Training. I replied him, why not? If its the only way to perfectly do my job. Probably next week he'll goona send me in one of the training school here in UAE. He was supposed to sent me abroad for the said training including the Asbestos Abatement training but he's not sure yet of the company well allow as it was all company expense. Honestly, I am really honored that I was given a chance to handle this position and proud to say that I am doing my job as best as I can as I don't want to fail the expectation of my Manager though its quite a bit pressure but so far I can still carry it and besides I am enjoying my job. Wish me luck guys!

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