Nurse: A Noble Profession...

Its not new to us anymore that education simply plays a crucial role in nation building. It simply produces well equipped and productive professionals to perform and establish specific organizations which caters the needs of every individual. To cite a specific profession let the Nurses take the focus of this article. We all know that there were many of them already around the globe. They simply utilized all their knowledge and capabilities in taking care of every individual especially those less fortunate people who badly need a nursing care.

I salute all those nurses out there including my Brother who were one of them for simply performing an exemplary perfomance. Despite the fact that schedules is quite hectic and yet very serious they still have time to extend their selves to those people who are in need even if this means forgetting their own selves for the benefit of people at large.

I salute all those companies out there who provides all excellent nursing equipments and grooming like laboratory apparatus, medicines, stethoscope, Nursing Scrubs, and all other types of nursing care equipments which indeed help both Nurses and Doctors perform their duties on saving lives.

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Nonetheless, saving life of others is like saving HIM. Which shows that the only thing that binds us is the word we called "love". For Nurses congratulations for a job well done!

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