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Geosciences continues to be a growing field. With more governments and populations looking to be
proactive for events such as earthquakes, potential volcanic eruptions as well as situations with man-made products like dam examination, geoscience institutes are looking for the advanced equipment for geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems. There are plenty of manufacturers in the United States that focus on these types of items, but one of the best out there is Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

Their site offers the most versatile set of products for those involved in the geosciences. This includes earth imagers, resistivity meters, and induced polarization instruments from AGIUSA.com. The company's main product is the SuperSting. Complete with WiFi access, the SuperSting provides the lowest noise levels and highest accuracy in today's geosciences market. There's even a Smartphone app that can be used to remotely monitor the SuperSting.

Other products sold by AGIUSA.com include the PowerSting High Power External Transmitter, which increases resistivity and induced polarization in the SuperSting, and the Swift Multi-Electrode System, which enables automatic earth measurements. The company's underwater product, the SuperSting Marine, allows for consistent resistivity profiling (CRP) and comes with a tow cable to transport the equipment.

On the imaging side of the company, AGIUSA.com sells both a 2D and 3D version of their EarthImager product. Both available for Windows systems, EarthImager provides real-time visuals in less than one minute. The 2D and 3D versions of the product display inversion of surface and borehole resistivity while also providing IP data, terrain correction, and CRP. The EarthImager allows for printing of images and comes in a demo mode for further examination.

In addition to the products mentioned, AGIUSA.com offers a catalog of resistivity software, manual cable sets, electrodes, and spare parts for the MiniSting and Sting R1. Products cannot be purchased on line. Instead, customers need to contact the company at the phone numbers provided at the top of the website for additional information. International customers can contact AGIUSA.com's headquarters in Madrid. The company does accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express for purchases. More information on the company and what they offer is obtained from either a downloadable brochure or sending a query via the websites Information Request link.

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