Movie Catched! : NEXT

I happened to saw the latest movie "NEXT by Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore, & Jessica Bill" which was not yet shown at big screen here in the Philippines. It was really one of the best movie of the year!. Its really fantastic. I would be a liar if I would say that I didn't enjoy the movie though I just saw it here in the computer screen. It made me think that what if there's a person in present age who'll gonna have the ability to predict the futures happening like what Nicolas Cage do? What would definitely happen in the world at large?..Would it be possible he can change the futures destiny?...Oh common!...But I guess, if there's a person who exist as of this time who do have this type of ability I think that would be a curse for them too! They will not live like an ordinary people I guess! But I wasn't so sure of that maybe he can live like an ordinary people too but he would become a disciples of God to evangelize the multiple message of God since he already know the futures destiny. Oh...whatever...Don't really know about it!...That was just my perceptions as I happened to saw the movie.

Better see it by your self too to better understand what I mean. I'm pretty sure you'll also enjoy the film. And come to think about my comment if you already have the idea what I've meant. That's all for now!...Have a great everyone!...c",)

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