" Working with Engineering Machinery Corporation..."

EMCOR, Inc. (Engineering Machinery Corporation) is one of the successful companies around the Philippines which was founded by Chairman Emeritus J. V. del Rosario right here in Davao City for almost six (6) decades ago. Primarily this company is offering retail products which brings comfort to our individual home. As I remember way back two (2) months ago when I started my job right in this company I don't have any idea on what would be my specific task until such time the companies Human Resource Manager endorses me to the one of the crucial Departments which is the STORE OPERATIONS - PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT. Only then I found out that I would be PDD-Staff. Well, it was really great to belong in this department but honestly, just right here I've experience to handle pressures which was I am really thankful basically because I've learn a lot of things though it was really a tiring job. I really thank everyone of them who helps me a lot to better understand the nature of the work. Specifically, my Boss Ma'am Marilyn and may co-staff Ma'am Iris. They really are indeed a good educator in field of business. Now, I'm still working with them but I guess, i could not stay long in this company for some important reasons. But I'm also looking forward for whatever my come in may way would be a great help for me and a reason to pursue my goal.

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