Little Nephew: Soon to be BIG bro!

Way back August 15, 2002 when I happened to first arrive in this place were I am right now was the time when my Little Nephew turns 2 months old. I was 18 years old then when I have given a chance to takes care of him. He was so little and cute baby then. I really witnessed how he grow up into a fine , handsome, adorable, smart, intelligent, and energetic child. I just cant imagen how fast time was! It was like a one night sleep were on the following morning you'll see how wonderful world we got!

After 5 years have passed and for all the love, cares, and understanding that my Sis & Brod-in-Law gave it to him he did grow up into a smart , loving, & caring child. What my hopes and wishes for him 'cause not all our life will be together since, I myself is looking for my own destiny I hope that he will grow up into fine, handsome, God fearing man, faithful Son to his parents, and a loving Bro to his sis & bro. I wish that all his plans for his family and for his future family will be granted! And I do certainly hope that he will find his destiny in the future.

For you my Little Nephew though you wont understand yet what I wanted to say but soon I do hope you'll read this message I just want to let you know good luck for being soon to be Big Bro and always remember that you'll always be my LITTLE CUTE NEPHEW! Rest assure that your Mom and I will always be here for you!...

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2:28 PM

ang sweet naman ni tito!