Watch Out: DIE HARD!

PLOT STORY: We all rely on America's technological infrastructure. It brings us useful things like traffic lights, the Internet, and Howard Stern. You may not even realize it, but you're using technology right now! So what would happen if it was to be systematically demolished by terrorists? Somebody had better stop them, and what better somebody is there than frequent accidental hero John McClane! But wouldn't you know, he's not just in it to save the country and make sure we can still download ringtones, he's also got to rescue his kidnapped his daughter! Yippee Ki-Yay!

I really feel bad 'cause I couldn't be able to see this movie in a big screen. It will came out here in our place by JULY 4 but this day was also our flight with my Sis and Nephew to somewhere else beyond our place. (sigh...) Well anyway, I guess I could still watch it by DVD hopefully!...Have a happy watching!...c",)

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