Proper Meal for a Healthy Life...

People should be aware that eating too much fatty foods and foods which is reach or high in carbohydrates is not good. Though eating any types of foods is not bad to our health but we should not forget the fact that as we grow old and as time passes by its the only time that we could realized that we are getting bigger and bigger which absolutely results into obesity and some serious illnesses. I know that eating is somehow an exist if we got a problem. Thats what I usaully hear from those problematic persons. But have you ever try to look at yourself in the mirror and find it out if your healthy or not? Well, try to do it often 'cause that might be helpful for you to have a healthy life.

Eventually, Health is our only wealth. Nobody knows if we are healthy! Its only us and it is our only weapon to fight all the realities in life. So, if you wish to leave life longer you should be careful in all the foods that you eat. Aside from that, having a healthy life is not just about foods that we take everyday. But there are aspects that contribute a healthy living and those are factors which greatly help in assessing our daily task. Here are the Four (4) factors which I think should be given an emphasiz by every individual to have a healthy life.

* Mental Ability. One of the factor that plays a vital role in having a healthy life. Simply because, it is were decisions comes in. To decide and to plan for something good is somehow an example of healthy living.

* Social Awareness. The second factor which plays an important role in our daily undertakings. It is the ability to interact with other people and to exchange perceptions and ideas which somehow help us to obtain our specific goals.

* Morale Stability. Third factor which simply defines as a state of individual psychological well-being based upon a sense of confidence and usefulness and purpose. It is on this stage were each of us is expected to play the game of life whether we win nor loss it was stilla task after all.

* Spiritual connectiveness. The fourth and final factor which I think plays an essential role in obtaining a healthy life. Theres no such perfect thing that could be compared to this factor because connectivity with our divine creator is simply none questionable. 'Cause he is the only one who has the power to change everything if he want.

Those are the four factors that contribute a healthy life which I think would be a great help for everyone of us. And I guess, even if I clearly elaborate here the 4 factors if you yourself is not interested to have a healthy life then have a good luck on your journey!..Have a blessed day eveyrone!...c",)

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