Updated!....After 1 week...

Yikes!... Didn't update this blog for a couple of days already. I guess, Its already one week I haven't updated this blog due to some particular reasons and one of that is I'm currently here in my native town Iligan City, Philippines and net connection here is not that quite so good and we even don't have a broadband connection at home so, never got a chance to update this blog sorry guys!.

Anyway, what should I supposed to right it down here? I was wondering if I could share with you some great happenings I been here in my native town but I guess, it was just non-sense. Well, anyway Celebrating my Christmas here and New Year with my Family, Friends, Relatives and loved-ones. Really feel great though honestly really got feel bored right staying here. I couldn't exactly explain what I feel but one thing for sure is I wanted to go back right after new year in Davao City, Philippines were I used to have my work and usually life. In fact, been planning to look for a job while waiting for an opportunity abroad to come. Hopefully, early next year I can have a stable job before my birthday arrive. Really have too 'cause its about one more year to go my second younger Sister is already college and its my turn to send her to school. Quite a big responsibility but I feel obligated with it 'cause I wanted her to have a great future!... Wish me luck guys!... Have a great New Year everyone!...c",)

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