How to make a Valentines Card?

Valentines is fast approaching! Its again time to show your love to those people who are near to your only heart. People who simply touches your lives!... But are you aware that simple things that you can probably gave it to them this coming valentines day will let them feel that they are important for you? Yes! even those simple word written on a piece of paper that gave it to them on valentines day means to them a lot. So, why not try to make your simple yet memorable cards for them? Exactly what you hear is make your own cards for them instead of buying those ready made card though its less effort if you buy but one thing for sure on making your own cards for them is its truly out of your effort and love.

Here is the simple procedure you can follow...

  1. Look for a clean white paper. ( Short Bond Paper)
  2. Look for a crayons or some other coloring materials you have.
  3. Scissor, Ruler, Pen, Pencil
  4. Soft Card board
  1. Fold your Short bond paper into half and cut it into your desired size.
  2. After doing so, Cut a heart shape using your soft card board.
  3. Then, put a color red on the edge of your cutted heart shape card board.
  4. Then, try to trace it on your white clean paper according to your choice.
  5. After that, you can try to add some other colors too in your cutted heart shape soft card board.
  6. Put a Title on the front page of you card something like " Specially for you "... or you can choice yours.
  7. Then, put your touching message on the other page of the card.
  8. Thats it!... Simple right?
Actually guys, this card tutorial is really pretty so simple even those elementary student can make this one. But one thing for sure about this one is you make it for your loved-ones. Right?... So, enjoy!... God Bless everyone!... Advance Happy Valentines Day!...c",)

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