Photo Hunter: Skinny!...

Oh!... Its photo hunter tomorrow!... Have to post my entry earlier 'cause I don't wanna be late anymore! Miss this meme. I was not able to participate this one for a couple weeks due to Christmas and New Year celebration were I went home to my native town and it was not easy to post an entry more often since, internet connection is limited in our place. Well anyway, here is my entry for this weeks theme " Skinny "...

I think this one works for this weeks theme! A Skinny short wetsuit!... Pardon me guys is this does not meet your expectation I just can't find a best skinny picture!... Have a nice weekend people!...c",)

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4:26 AM

Nice shot....thanks for sharing...Mine is up too:
Every Beat Of My Heart

ellen b.

5:58 AM

Those wet suits really are skinny...

This is a great idea... i think is perfect...
Rocky Mountain Retreat


9:42 AM

Lots of scuba gear this week. :)


10:55 AM

those are pretty skinny outfit al righ..;)
great shot! great entry for this week hunt!..;)
Mine is up too

Barbara H.

11:42 AM

You'd have to be pretty skinny for those to look well!!


11:46 AM

What a clever idea to use for the theme! Definitely skinny!!!

Happy weekend!

Lana G!

12:09 PM

Skinny until a body gets inside it! Great choice for the theme!


6:24 PM

ooo...that's something i didnt think of at all!! ;)

Hootin' Anni

8:15 PM

Yes indeed!!! A perfect photo for the theme this week.

My skinny photo is published now, would you care to visit with me? I'd love to have you drop by!!


11:00 PM

Nice suit, I agree that to fit in it and look good would require a skinny person.
Have a great weekend!
Here is my entry.

A good take on the subject, skinny indeed.

Have a nice week!


11:17 AM

Great picture! My SKINNY post is up too!


3:46 AM

I liked the view from the back, skinny, but some nice roundness too!