Education for a better life...

Education is the source of knowledge, the key to success. Such is a factors for an effective change in any level of our society if only to achieve accomplishments. It should be taught into the minds of everybody that it is indeed a continuing and never ending process. A process and a must, if it is to be effective and thorough, seek to develop the God-given faculties and talents.

Its aims to develop the whole child's personality, mentally, physically, socially, morally, and spiritually. It guides everybody to act properly, informs people on what to do, leads people to the right track and guide to achieve their ambitions in life. By so doing, everybody must perpetuate the desirable customs and traditions related to home and family living. Hand in hand, let us promote a system where a society of moral and spiritual aspects must be given due consideration.

Nevertheless, education if really taken seriously, can mold a person's mind to become a good educator. It may tackle the task of a society or a nation, and support a person's need in his daily undertakings. Guides everybody to face the challenges in life, guide parents in proper parenting and also making our children more responsive in dealing matters which is for the best interest of their future and making everybody to become a model worthy of emulation.

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