Does sex education must be taught in school or not?

We cannot deny the very fact that the number of sexually abused child or even mature womens are increasing. The fact that there’s a lot of pornographic pictures & movies that exist in the society at large. I myself does not disagree with this thing but I guess this must be taught in a proper way in which all people must know the consequences of such actions.

Sex Education is indeed one of the best way to avoid sexual abused. Even if how young the child is I strongly believe he/she must know about it! But I didn’t mean to show off to them the actual actions of what opposite gender do. There are a lot of proper ways in educating one’s child. I guess parents knows about it all!

Why did I say so? Because its for the betterment of our country at large. If all people must know the do’s and don’t about Sex I guess we all can live in a wonderful society. No harm, danger, & sexual abuse womens. Pardon me if my perception might possibly present a conflict of interest but nobody could ever change what I believe is right!… Besides, we can all benefit from the said increasing issue even way back then 'til this very moment...

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