Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort, Davao City, Philippines...

Have you ever been to this place already? or You still plan to have a great time in this place? Oh! You might wondering in where and what particular place I’m talking about here. Well, Paradise Island is a beach resort here in Davao City, Philippines. Its one of the most popular beaches that you can find here Davao. Its a white sand, theres a great park were you can roam around. They also accept bookings from those people who wanted to stay in over the night specially those foreigners who just came over to experience the beauty of the place.Paradise Island is one of the most amazing beaches to have fun and enjoy together with your family, friends and loved ones. In fact, its the best place to hang-over during vacations or even ordinary days if you wanted to have a good time while having some great fun on a white beach. Aside from a captivating beach you can roam around while watching those animals they have in there park or even have a great sports on billiard, badminton, volleyball and also for those little children you bring over they can also play in a designated place for them were they can play all over.

This place is really one of the most amazing beach here in Davao City, Philippines. Aside from those beaches you’ll probably visit with Paradise Island is one of the most known beach that offers a great service for there room rentals and amenities such like Scuba Diving, Wake Boarding, Kayaking, Banana Boat Riding, Jet Skiing, and some other memorable adventures. So, for those of you who didn’t have a chance yet to visit this place better grab the chance now to have a great time in this fantastic beach. But if you don’t have a time yet don’t worry you can still visit this place depending on your vacant and available time just don’t dare to miss this place. Photo Credit: digypho

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