Almost a year of Blogging....

Yikes! What do my title mean? Are you aware about it? Well, without any further ado, its a blogging countdown since the day I started my serious blogging last year (JUNE 2007 to be specific). I actually don’t had an idea that I’m almost spending all my time on blogging. Blogging on things which is worth doing. I guess, you might wondering how much I earn already from the day I started paid blogging? Oh! Well, that’s quite so personal already. I’d rather prefer keeping it on my own and besides, I don’t need to show to everybody how much earn. Aside from that, its my choice not to disclose everything on here. But for sure I actually do earn what most usual bloggers earn too. But you know what? Little do you know that blogging really helps me a lot! It really sucks! Its been almost a year too that I don’t have a job that might make you think how do I survive with the help of blogging? Well, that’s not a big question though… Most bloggers know how did blogging income helps them too!

Anyway, through those time I’ve spent here in the blogging world I’ve learn a lot of things not just by giving my opinion but also by adopting what I happened to encounter. Several advertisers/bloggers already I’ve met here whom I been doing a business online. Several disputes from the blog advertising companies which makes me feel bad but it simply motivates me to go further and explore. Several realizations that makes me feel good. I’m not a good writer, I accept it! I am not a good reader but I understand it! All in all I’m just an ordinary person whose trying to make a difference in real and in fancy world. To my fellow bloggers, thank you for I happened to touch your lives even just by greeting you a “Happy Blogging”… Enjoy what you do and make the most of it!…c”,)

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Pinay WAHM

12:37 AM

Happy Anniversary to you. I'm way behind you as I just started a few months ago. But hey, time flies and before I know it, I'm sure a year will be over.

Musta na?>