Grande Island Resort, Subic Bay, Philippines...

Grande is the only island resort in the middle of the calm, blue waters of Subic Bay, Philippines. Blessed with a rich historical legacy dating back to the Spanish era and an untouched forest area, it invokes colorful imaginations of how Grande Island used to be. Come explore Grande as we take you on a journey through its many natural offerings and facilities.

Grande Island is a tourism island estate located in Subic Bay, Philippines. It houses the Grand Island Resort, a property that is operated by GFTG Property Holdings Corporation. Grande Island's total land area is 40 hectares, of which 14.2 hectares are being developed as a world-class resort location. The remaining 25.8 hectares are forest areas. The island is accessible by ferry and is approximately 20 to 30 minutes away from the Subic Bay mainland.

Grande Island holds historical significance as a defense fort that protected the Philippines for four centuries. It was first occupied by the Spanish Empire and in 1885, was fortified as an island fortress together with its port city, Olongapo. Grande Island then became the key to the overall defense of Manila. The Spanish ascertained that if Subic Bay was controlled by an enemy, it could easily be made into a support base which could expedite the attack and captivity of Manila. Photo Credit: nerinakrystel

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h sounds cool i heard about it already but never hd a chance to visit may be someday hehe
its nice place recommendation specialy this late summer

by the way thanks for your visit in my blog i put all your links in my blog roll if you could see and hope you can put my link too in your blogs
well im not pursuing you my friend its still depends of you and no matter it was i respect it
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4:40 AM

new resort in subic? i better watch out for this for our next pinas visit.


8:49 PM

hi! have you been to this resort? my friend told me about certain issues in this place..just want to make sure since my fiance and i are planning to go there on October. You can just post your answer in your page. Thank you. GOD bless you abundantly!