How will I let you know that I LOVE YOU?

You are my Inspiration
On everything I do.
Even if how hard it is,
I always find a way to pursue.

I tend to ignore
My feelings for you.
But the more I do,
The more I cherished you.

I don't know why,
As it keep telling me that it is not a lie.
I keep on fighting to what I feel,
As I wanted to get over on this deal.

Time passed by as they watch me grow,
Years had passed as they witness my sorrow.
I never had a chance to be in your arms,
As I always dream to feel the comfort of your warm embrace.

I been to miles away,
To look for my destiny.
But never I find the girl of dreams
As my mind proclaims,
That my feelings for you are still the same.

No, How will I let you know that " I Love You "...
If you won't allow me too.
Loving you is the best thing to do.
Though I didn't receive any feedback on you.

Just do hope and wish that you'll give me a chance,
And on one day,
I will be in your arms.
Taking a nap in the middle of your HEART.

Composed by: WilStop

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