PH: Me, My Self and I...

Yikes! I miss this things! It's been a quite some time already that I haven't participated this community due to some reasons that I won't disclose here. Well, anyway without any further ado here is my entry for this weeks theme " SELF "...

What a heck?... I'm just insane right now! Reason why I supposed to choose this picture of mine even though I had some!... Pardon me if anyone of you will be destructed on my photo. It's my choice after all! So, any comment? Your comment is pretty much welcome here... Have a nice day everyone!

Comments (3)

What a cutie!

Glad you found some photos. You have a great smile.

Happy Hunting.

Mrs. Mecomber

10:46 PM

Hey there, fellow Photo Hunter! Nice photos! Who's that smiling guy? ;)


8:57 AM

Great smile and twinkling eyes!