Viral Linking...

Do you ever know that one of the best way to decrease your Alexa Rank and increase your Page Rank is through VIRAL LINKING? Well, there are several ways on doing a viral links such like tags from your blogger friends or you start it and spread it to your blogger friends. For that just recently I’ve found a great tag for viral linking at which I think it will also work with you guys… Here…

The way this works is you take the list below and replace the letter for your blog with your link. I’m N below, then post all the links on your blog. this should net everyone a lot of back links if everyone will repost.

A - Amore
B - Blue Dreamer
C - Cindy
D - Deegee , Dare to Blog
E - Esther
F - Flash-Ko
G -
H - Harvey, Henry
J - Juliana
K - Kimiko
L - Lets Travel Philippines , Life Realities
M - Malaya
N - Novz
O -
P - Philippines
Q - Quincy
R - Rems
S - Summer
T - Tj
U -
V -
W - WilStop , WebGeek Journal… , WebGeek Journal
X -
Y - Yenny
Z -

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