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Talking about Alexa ranking is one of the crucial issues here in the web. I guess, every bloggers, advertisers, publishers, partners and some other persons who used to managed a website or blogs already knew what Alexa Ranking was. But to define the word ALEXA RANKING is a search engine that provides extra information such as traffic rankings. An Alexa ranking is an indicator used to gauge site performance. It is a tool used to determine the current traffics of a site if it is regularly visited by billions of users online. Alexa Rank is one of the basis to accept more opportunities on your websites/blogs. There are lots of ways to earn a better alexa rank but one of that is by doing your common scenarios in visiting other blogs. But of course its not new anymore too that there are some other blogs/websites there who used to avail an SEO services just to lower down their Alexa rank and eventually obtain a Page Rank for their sites.

Anyhow, if you can all noticed specially those people who used to visit by blog more often my Alexa Rank is not that quite so low but its still good compared to those other sites who do still have a higher Alexa rank and yet they still never do their part to lower it down. Maybe they but I guess, they really need to exert more extra effort for them to obtain their Alexa Rank. Actually, I already had 400K+ Alexa Rank for this blog I have but due to some reasons that I don’t know it grow up again to 800K+ hopefully I’ll be able to work on it to lower it down in time. Keep doing your regular rounds everyone!

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